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Phils' Lump

Hello ,

So I just bought my Halfmoon betta, Phil. Phil is very energetic, he swims laps around his tank and loves to play "chase" with my finger. But, Phil has a lump on his side, by his rear fin.

A little about the lump:
It does not look white or fuzzy, just raised
Since Phil is lighter in color, you can see his insides almost, and it appears the lump is over a dark region, by his tail in the middle of his body
He is not lethargic, AT ALL!
Eats well, excited for food

A little about his living conditions:
Tank: 5 gallons
Tank mates?: none
Aerator: yes
Filter: yes
Tank Heater/Thermometer: yes
Tank Temp: 83(f)
Live plants: yes, many
Water quality: Good, liquid test kits for Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia...also add water conditioner..Also a nutrient additive for nutrient loss..Stress coat when first added
Food: pellets, bloodworms, bhrime shrimp and the occasional pea
Feed: 1/day about 2 pellets, occasional bloodworm or bhrime shrimp for a treat
Water changes: 25% a week
Water Quality Testing: 2x a week
Toys: Leaf hammock, Buddha ornament, plants and a cave

However, I did not notice if the lump was there when I got him. I was a little infatuated with his personality. Also it doesn’t seem to affect him in any way, however if it is something parasitic/bacterial infection I’d like to know and get it cleared up right away so Phil and I can enjoy our lives together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Is there any chance you could post a photo I would say if it is the same color as his scales and just a raised area of flesh that I wouldn't be concerned unless more arise or maybe it grows or turns into an ulcer. I would assume it is just harmless a growth of some sort but perhaps a photo would be best to judge.
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Yes, pictures would be a great help!!!
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