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Hmmm. I had no idea that tap water would be necessary for fish. I know that where I live there are trace amounts of fluoride in the tap water, which is why I don't use it for my other pets. I assumed it was bad for fish too. I know also that the water conditioner gets rid of chlorine (which is not good for fish, right?). So I thought by using fluoride-free bottled water, I'd avoid both.

And yes, I have the API Freshwater Master Testkit. It cost QUITE a bit, AND I had to break one of my don't-buy-from-bad-pet-store rules to get it >.<

Thanks for all the advice! Will definitely follow what the experts recommend.

Ferrets are real fun too! I fostered one for a while! All I can say is they are like... like... hyperactive 4 year-olds with TONES of attitude. But then again, their personalities can vary a lot! Some ferrets would rather romp with other fuzzies, while others love cuddling with their 2-legged humans. They need yearly shots (like dogs), vaccinations, regular flea treatments (for those that get outside time), nail clipping, bathing, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning... They're a handful! Oh. Plus they have a very distinct smell! LOL. I know I didn't mind it, but some people do.

Pics from this morning:
Mmmm. Breakfast:

:D I should stop posting here and go start a thread in the "Betta Pics" section >.< But he's just so pretty!

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I LOVE the last pic!!!!! So cute :) I could just kiss him!
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He has such a cute face.. he looks like a cellophane/ orange dal cross. I see he has a little damage to his caudal fin (tail). You might want to get some aquarium salt and add a little and also raise the tank temps to 84-86*... that will help it heal really fast. The aquarium salt won't hurt your plants or cycle if you use the correct amounts, just make sure that you don't add any more salt unless you do a water change. Aquarium salt doesn't filter or evaporate out so you have to do water changes to remove it.

I actually really love ferrets.. my sister used to keep them and I loved playing with them. I LOVE their smell LOL.. its musky... but then again I love the smell of horses too. I don't actually mind the up keep.. I just worry that they look strikingly familiar to squeeky toys to my dog >.<
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