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Gone too soon

Today I lost my little friend.

I'm a frequent visiter of these forums, so I felt obligated to share my story. Cinna was my fiery crowntail and friend for the past year. I loved watching him swim, feeding him, and working on his tank. He was arguably the most spoiled betta to have ever lived, and he will be sorely missed.

For months now I have been battling against what I learned to be blue green algae. After some research, I decided on using the erythromycin approach as it seemed to be the most effective and safe for use in the tank. Unfortunately, I did not account for the the after-effects of treatment. I made the mistake of keeping Cinna in the tank while the tank underwent two treatment cycles earlier this week. Three days ago I began to notice that Cinna had become increasingly lethargic, lying at the bottom of the tank, and rarely surfacing. His condition slightly improved, then worsened over the course of the next day. Water parameters were normal, including pH level and ammonia readings. The tank is also planted and well-established. He lacked any visible form of disease, and every search I attempted yielded no real solution as to what was happening to Cinna. I performed water changes and hoped that Cinna would get better. It wasn't until this morning after finding him gone did I realize that it was likely toxins or other components of the BGA cyanobacteria itself that had done this. I wanted to share this so that others don't make the same simple mistake that I did that likely took the life of my little friend. BGA is nasty, foul stuff that shouldn't be treated lightly. Take care to remove your betta before treating this, especially when chemically treating it.

Words cannot describe the pain I'm feeling at the loss of my friend, and worse is the feeling that I likely caused this and how it could have been so easily avoided. We have been through so much together in the last year that I will never forget what a great pet he was and how fortunate I was to have been able to care for and admire him. He was a fighter 'til the end, and can finally swim in peace without any more suffering.

Thanks for reading, and remember to always look out for the health of your little friends.

The day I first brought him home, always there to greet me and quench his curiosity:

A few months ago, looking majestic as always:
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Tank Gurl
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Oh no Polo1126, Im so sorry to hear about this unfortunate occurrence. My heart is with you at this time. Thank you for posting to bring attention what has happened and hopefully save a fishes life. He was a beautiful betta and he shall be memorialized here forever.

S.I.P. Cinna!!!!
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bga, blue green algae, erythromycin

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