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Stocking 20g


So I have a 20g long, cycled, with two 60g HOBs. No live plants.

Inside lives one little oranda goldfish who seems lonely now that his friend (also an oranda) has passed.

I don't want to do another goldfish because I think that's just too much big fishies in a small tank. As it stands we'll probably upgrade to a 29 at some point when money is less of an issue than it is currently.

But he does seem lonely and bored. I was thinking of some smaller fish for him to swim around with to at least provide some entertainment. Originally I was thinking of guppies as they don't up my stocking too much, even with 3. But I don't really know much about them in general. It's a stable tank with way too much filtration but good for the goldfish so I'm not worried about a water issue, just space and aggression. A 29 is in the future but not immediately.

I read that cories are good with goldfish but again, that's a fish I know little about.

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Uhmmm goldfish is coldwater fish and the fishes you're talking about are tropical fishes...
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Reference Team
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goldfish are temperate water fish.only a select few corydoras would work.the problem is food competition for food since both are is a balancing act to not over or under feed.the cory would need to be one of the large varities and able to handle temperate water temps.but by this time you are overstocked.the guppies would not work they have different requirements.the tank is too small to add anything more than a couple of nerite snails.
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Alrighty, thank you for the info. I was looking at the temps after I posted and saw that very few fish had similar temps as goldfish and the ones that did grew pretty big ^^; Goldfish can handle up to about 72 but that's pushing it and all the fish I wanted to put in there have 72 as a minimum and I like being in the middle range for fish.

Think what I will do is rearrange the decor and add a mirror or something to entertain the little guy unless I can find another home for him. The only reason I had goldfish was because I had a 55g but it's irrepairable at this time. Otherwise I'm not really a goldfish person though I do enjoy them they just limit stocking even in large tanks.

Thanks for replying sandybottom and jayr232.
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72 is not the practical limit for goldfish, and you would be surprised at how many "tropical" fish don't actually need that 78-80 people assume all tropical fish need. There are far more cory species that prefer cooler water than warmer water.
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