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Originally Posted by Saber View Post
You fail to mention that Westminster has a Junior handlers competition during their show in which the quality of the dog is judged far below the handler's ability. This is done to keep new, younger handlers interested in showing and thus keeping the hobby alive. No, they do not allow any random old Joe to walk in off the street and join the junior handler's competition, but I wasn't saying these betta shows had to be officially run be the IBC either. Local chapters can run their own shows for fun with their own members. I know the CNY betta club did this at least one time in the past. Noooot sure why you're getting so defensive over a person's simple question.

I was about to say that after reading teh comments about mock shows.. Actually there are confirmation class mock shows at fairs, and community events. My 6 month old puppy learning the ropes of the right way to walk, how to stand, ect. We didn't have her trained will enough for the junior handler competition, but she did compete at a state fair and win her class and the show. They even allowed spayed and nutered dogs in the mock shows (which is sort of like pet fish being critiqued to standard).. A few mock shows would be a nice learning experience for novice breeders who hope to one day show.

As for the fish this post was started about. You would need MUCH clearer pictures. And I do not disagree, you need to breed the fish your self. Even the pictures I see from shows are thailand bred bettas, someone bought and wants to show.. Its so unfortunate. Its not about winning, its about that great feeling you get when your fish won, not when you bought a fish for 60+ dollars just to show it..

Betta breeding is like dog shows.. Everyone knows everyone. You really can't even tell if a female dog is spayed. So lets pretend, a spayed female dog is like a betta you bought from someone else hoping to win...

Everyone knows everyone, words go around quick, and soon as a breeder you will have a bad rep. Don't show a fish if it isn't yours. That would be compeltly wrong, I understand you're learning. So I dont mean to be mean, I'm just trying to get you to look at the bigger picture. IF you took a clearer picture of the fish I would be happy to critque it for you..

Hmmm.. Maybe we should make a "mock" show on here. Where people could post pictures (even pet store bought), so we could tell them how its wrong by showing them.. Then they would get a better eye for picking out better bettas. Heck, I see "pet quality" on ebay, and aquabid everytime I log on. Breeders should understand "cute" fish only get you so far, its form that really gets you far in the showing world :) I would definatly be interested in starting a "mock" show, if anyone else is interested PM me, maybe we could work on something together?
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I think doing a 'mock' show on here two or three times a year would be nice.

We have some members here who show their fish and know the standards, if they would be willing to set aside two weekends(say spring and fall?) to put their minds together and 'judge' for us it might do well.

Though we'd need to make it clear that the show isn't there for you to get compliments. It's there to tell you what you need to work on through breeding and where you might stand in competition. The flaws /will/ be pointed out.

With a lot of people here breeding, I would like to see it be fish we've bred only.

we have a member run contest sub-forum if people want to do petstore-bought shows/competitions.
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As a member, I'm really all for the idea. I will put it to the moderator team and we'll discuss it. :)
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Old 10-13-2013, 09:07 PM   #64 
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oh it sounds like a great idea!
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Old 10-31-2013, 12:07 AM   #65 
Player 2
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I came to this thread hoping to find some info on what to look for in a show worthy fish :( I am new to this, but I figure with my experience betta breeding for show might be a hobby I could enjoy. Are there any sources I could go to for detailed information?
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Old 10-31-2013, 02:08 AM   #66 
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I can direct you to the IBC (International Betta Congress) website.

Otherwise, there are a few members here who may be able to give you the info you seek. You can message them and ask if they'd be willing to share their expertise and/or their sources for info. :)

Basement Bettas
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Old 10-31-2013, 02:57 PM   #67 
Basement Bettas
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My FB page is a good place to start...

I can get you other places as well. Several top breeders have FB pages and many of the clubs that host shows have FB pages as well. I have a web site and forum.. so need to contact me direct [ on FB ] if interested.
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It's nice pretty fish
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