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Bettas with other bettas?

Ok, so this might be a totally dumb question (i'm still pretty new to the whole Betta thing...) but can bettas be in the same tank as another betta? From what i've heard, Bettas are also called Siamese Fighting Fish, and I think i've also heard just males can't be around each other.... Not sure if I have my facts right, but and response to this would be welcome. Also, do female bettas get along with other female bettas? Or do they act out as agressively as males?
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Females can be in tanks together, but it's advised that they stay in large groups so that their aggression isn't taken out on one fish. There is a sticky on keeping female sorority tanks, and it says that having at least 6 is best. You obviously need a large tank for this, too.

Males cannot be in the same tank- unless it is divided. Males will fight each other, and sometimes kill each other. They're very territorial. There are a few other critters and fish that can be housed with bettas, but don't be surprised if they nip at whatever you decide to put in there at first or every so often. [I only have one betta without anything else with him, so I don't know from experience, but from other posts]

Hope this helps!
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i do not own any betta's yet! will get 2 males next week hopefully. anyway i've been researching betta's for a month or so and I found out from this site. that males cannot be together. I have a 10 gallon that i'm going to divide so that each male has 5 gallons. females can be together if there are 4-6 females in a 10 gallon or bigger tank(6 females is the best number. otherwise if there are less than 4 females can get very territorial like males. especially in the female tank there has to be plenty of hiding spaces. best to have one cave for each betta. well hope that helps. think of questions you'd like to ask then search for them on here. that's how i've gotten to know betta's and have already started to love them eventhough i don't have any yet!
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I feel bad saying it (because I hope no one does it) but males can be kept together IF done correctly by EXPERIENCED keepers. I think it's better to give facts instead of trying to scare people into never keeping males undivided, because education is better than ignorance IMO. But just because its possible doesn't mean it should be done.

There are a few ways it can be done but the only non-cruel way would be to use a very large tank with lots of plants, driftwood, caves, etc for hiding and almost no lines of sight. Bettas make their territories and defend them, but people take this as them being aggresive and fighting to the death whenever they see eachother. If a male has an established territory he'll just chase any male who enters it away. In the wild bettas rarely would fight because the weaker one will run and the larger won't chase it once he feels his territory is safe. The smallest tank this could be is a 75, but that would require the tank being divided for a long period and lots of monitoring after the divider is removed. Theres information out there if you look hard enough for it, but once again just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be.

There are also some wild types which can tolerate eachother

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Females can live together in a tank with a minimum of 10g. In that tank there needs to be at least 4 and can hold as many as 6. These are called sorority tanks. I have one and I love it! At first I thought my girls weren't going to get along seeing as three of them are dominant, but now they seem to be working together as a group. Although there is one girl (Zeta) that does her own thing, she is at the bottom of the chain.
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