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Whyyy are they so friendlyyy, oh hi!

Newbie fish owner here. Got my first betta, Watson, as a pet for my works breakroom. The butthead is more like an Oscar then anything! But everyone loves him. He lives in a 5gal filtered tank and we just introduced Sherlock and Moriarti, a couple of corycats. He's still not happy he has to share but he hasn't attacked them yet. I'm sure he'll be blowing bubble nests again soon. (He loves his bubble nests!!) I'm not sure what you'd call his coloring but he has a short tail, biiig flowy front fins, and I was told he was a dragon scaled betta. He's impressive even with the tiny tail.

Then i just got myself a little 2.5gal unfiltered tank at home with an unnamed betta. He's way shyer then Watson, but he's coming around. He's a blue green, or rather green with a blue overtone. His fins are tipped in white and very frilly, like carnation petals. I just put in a bubbler for his tank to help move the water a little and boy does he love it! He's perked up and chases the bubbles, and comes to watch me when I stop in front of the tank. The motor is a bit loud... And I'm still not sure if I'm suppose to leave it on all the time or just for like the day and turn it off at night? Forgot to ask my fish consultants (aka the people who own fish/breed fish at the pet store) but he seems happy and I'm glad he's more engaged then he was the first couple nights. He is a very sound sleeper though. Like I could grab him at night without much of a fight.

Anyway, so far thats my fishy dudes. I am still new to this whole fish thing, and it is turning out wayyy more complicated then I originally thought. But hopefully all turns out well, and then I can expand to some larger fish.

Sooo Hi!
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Hello and welcome to the forum
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your bettas
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