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Question Is it possible for a betta to coexist with these fish?

So basically, we had a betta in our 55 gallon and now he is in a pitcher because we got some other fish. These are the fish in the tank:

2 red eyed tetras
3 black fin tetras
1 glow fish danio pink
1 glow fish tetra
4 gaint danios
blue gourami

I have read that some people keep bettas with giant danios but others advise against it. What do you all think about this combination??
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Elvette Emmett
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Gouramis are never suppose to be housed with bettas. They're from the same family and very aggressive. Also I tried danios with my betta before and they ate his tail so I wouldn't go with danios. Not sure about the other ones
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2 red eyed tetras yes
3 black fin tetras yes
1 glow fish danio pink maybe
1 glow fish tetra maybe
4 gaint danios No
blue gourami NO

As stated before, never house gouramis with bettas.
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