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Originally Posted by HeartlessAngel View Post
About a ten minute bus ride. And no, it's going to be a secret up until the day I get her the betta, since I want her to be the one to pick it.
Well since it's a 5 gallon, I would carry a gallon of the tank water along with the tank so you can run the filter in the bucket once you get to her place :)

If you are transporting plants, simply drain the tank completely and lay a piece of saran wrap securely over the plants (not the tank!). This will keep the plants hydrated :) When you are filling the tank, leave the saran wrap in the tank and slowwwwwly pour the water in. The saran wrap will prevent the incoming water from messing up your substrate!

Feel free to post you progress! I would love to be able to help you to set up your big surprise in anyway i can! ^_^

edit: Since you are doing some fast growing plants you may not even see a cycle! To start off you will need good 6500k lighting for the plants :) this is usually a cfl or a flourescent T8/T5 strip.

Eventually when you get the betta, you will need a heater :D

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Yesterday, I bought some de-chloranizer (I think that's what it's called) and something that speeds up the cycling. Tomorrow I plan to go to big Al's and but the substrate and plants, and start. What substrate do you recommend, and which of the plants would be best?
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did you go already?
I suggest any substrate but gravel :) Plants simply don't do as well in gravel (as in they still grow well... just not AS well) Pool filter sand is a nice cheap options if you are looking to do sand. Some other planted tank specific substrates such as floramax, eco complete, flourite also work quite well. You also have the option to do a Natural Planted Tank (NPT). There is a nice sticky on that here... In a Naturally planted tank, you probably won't need to worry about a cycle.

If you are just starting off I recommend hardy lowlight fast growing stems, these include (but are not limited to) Water wisteria, water sprite, elodea (anacharis), Guppy grass etc. I think water wisteria and water sprite by them selves can make the tank look quite beautiful due the nice shape of the leaves. For a bit of variety You might also want to throw a cryptocoryne or an anubias in :)

You might also want to go for a nice piece of driftwood to help give a focal point to the tank design :)

Water Dechlorinator helps detoxify chlorine which is harmful to living organisms. What cycling product did you get?
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