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Help me with my nefarious plot!

Your one and only undead reporting for duties so dastardly only the brave dare imagine. Breaking away from the main stream and embracing the ways of experimentalism!

The horror!!


Ahem... Anyway!

My goal is to turn an old 55 gallon aquarium bound for the junkyard into one of the most awesome-eyecatching-breathtaking-thoughtprovoking-inspiring aquascapes to ever be created in the history of natural aquarium design. That's right, I said it!

I'm tearing through article after article and rapidly gaining knowledge in areas of both fish care and aquatic plant care. Even so, I realize that there is so much more to be learned by talking to others who are wise in the ways of just these things. So I beseech you, fellow fish enthusiasts, share your knowledge with me and aid in my endeavor to create the ultimate in aquarium goodness.

The very first subject that I would like to hear some input on is substrate. I intend to have a heavily planted tank by the time all is said and done so I want to put down something that will work well for the fish(I'd like to make this a big betta sorority tank) and the plants. Suggestions on what I should use?

This( ) article is very informative on setting up an aquarium just for plants but would using pumice, soil, and cosmetic sand as suggested there work for a tank that will have fish?
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I just want to say that I love this post, wholeheartedly!

As for substrates, it depends on what you want to do. I personally would go with Eco-Complete or FloraMax, something you don't have to layer so it just makes everything easier. I then mix it with some sort of sand, generally some soft black sand and then just mix it in the tank. But that's just me.

However if you did want to go with something layer'd I would use Miracle Gro Organics Choice Potting Mix for the bottom, many have had great success with this and then the cosmetic sand on top, whichever color you prefer. And voila, you're done

Also if you want to check out some pretty awesome layouts you can browse through this site!
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If you can find a copy of Diana Walstad's book, Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, it a good read. May also want to checkout Barr Report for a far different take on the planted aquarium.

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