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Can't Believe How Much Personality They Have

My two bettas, Cartman and Klaus, are amazing me with their personalities. I had a betta, Gil, a few years back, and he was a sweet, laid-back little guy who had a nice, long lifespan. I figured all bettas were like him, but I'm quickly learning they have very distinctive personalities.

Cartman is actually a lot like Gil. He's calm and curious and just hangs out or explores his habitat (6 gallon Edge) at a leisurely pace. He enjoys it if I put something new in there to explore. He makes me feel bad that Gil lived his whole life in a 1.5 gallon habitat; I believed the BS about small bowls being better, but seeing how Cartman likes to swim around every inch of space makes me realize how wrong that is.

I bought suicidal Kenny at the same time as Cartman, but in the brief time I had him, he was such a happy, energetic little guy. He was constantly in motion and loved to watch me from his 2.6 gallon Spec, which is in my workspace. He realized almost instantly what feeding was all about and was the friendliest little guy. I'm still upset about his disappearance.

Klaus replaced Kenny, but even though their coloring is somewhat alike, Klaus's personality is totally different. He's a flighty, aggressive betta who flares at pretty much anything (or nothing). Kenny wouldn't even flare at a mirror. He was leery of me at first, but now he's decided I'm harmless. He patrols his tank constantly and has already dispatched two or three ghost shrimp (Cartman leaves his alone). He's an absolute pig at mealtimes and attacks his food viciously, even though he's well fed. He's quite the character.

That's three different bettas and three different personalities. This makes me even sadder to see how they're treated in stores. People act like they're not living things with feelings, but they're really packed with personality.
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They really do have a ton of personality!

My old boy, Odin, was the most relaxed betta in the world. He didn't mind having tank mates and was super laid back. He was really sweet.

My new boy Flame though, can go from being super active to being chill. He is super adorable and always greets people who come up to his tank. I love him.

Bettas are so unique!
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I totally agree. My new boy atlas, he is really shy until around 7, i dont know what he is thinking, but he just gets pissed and starts flaring at everything and me, almost like he is angry i havent turned the light off for him because he thinks its bed time haha.
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They sure do,Mine are all so funny,cute,playful & curious.Plus they are super sweetie's.Plus once you've owned one,you will want to have bettas forever. Anyone who says 'they are just fish' has obviously never owned a betta.
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