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Newbie here--plant growth?

I have a few live plants in my tank, but only one of them has shown any visible growth. I have an 11W, 6700K lamp that I leave on for 9 hours a day. Some of the plants in my tank now are a new set because a few in the old set had started to turn brown, but they looked salvageable so I didn't throw them away, but put them on my windowsill. So far those have been growing really well. Within the same amount of time, the plants in my tank have not shown any signs of growth. What could be the reason?

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What plants are they, and how long have you had them?
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what size tank? ferts?what kind,when and how much?how old are your bulbs?

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Location: Singapore
I have a 2.5 gallon tank. I don't use fertilisers. I have 4 plants in total. Except for a java moss, I'm really not sure what kind they are; at the store I buy them at they aren't labelled and the store keepers don't know the English names of the plants and I don't speak their language either.... I've tried identifying the other 3 on the web. I think one is some kind of anubias plant, but the other two I haven't been able to identify at all. One is a floating plant with teardrop-shaped leaves that doesn't seem to grow in any pattern. The other has a long straight stem with needle-like 'leaves' that point in all directions around a central bulb. I will take a picture soon, but I don't have a camera with me now.

I don't know how old the plants were before I bought them, but I"ve had them for 2-6 weeks (some I bought earlier). The java moss is growing fine, and the floating plant has shown minimal growth, but the other two have shown none at all.

I don't know if it's because I don't have enough substrate. I only have a thin layer of gravel. But the needle-leafed plant I described is a newer one because I bought it to replace an old one of the same kind. The old one is on my windowsill now and has been growing fine without any substrate.
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