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How Often to Change Water?

How often are you supposed to change the water for a 5 gallon tank with one betta in it? The tank has been set up since November. I have been changing one gallon once weekly. I have been having algae issues and the woman at the pet store said I should only be changing my betta's water once every month or so, but from what I've read about alage it thrives on dirty water.

I'm very confused--lol
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Did you cycle the tank? If you haven't you should have been doing 100% changes a week. I'm guessing you didn't and your levels of ammonia and nitrite are very high.. that will cause algae bloom. You can get live plants to help bu you also either need to do 100% changes or cycle the tank.

A cycled 5 gallon should get one 50% change a week.
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Actually since it's been set up since Novemeber, the chances of it being cycled are pretty good, I would...assume. That's like 4 months or so, but you should test the water.

I do 50% changes twice a week (I have a cycled 5 gallon with two bettas).
If it's cycled, keep doing once a week, no less. If it's not cycled, every other day!

Take everything the LFS says with a HUGE grain of salt (lol). Oh god, once a month?? Goodness. It doesn't matter if algae thrives on dirty water, once a month is too little. Live plants will definitely help the water. Try not overfeeding, and try not having the light on too much to prevent more algae. Just clean the algae with a sponge or something, they're not hard.
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