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Old 11-15-2013, 07:44 PM   #21 
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Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: B.C., Canada
I released him this morning.
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Old 11-16-2013, 12:46 PM   #22 
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Maryland
That guy is way too cute! It's a shame you can't get shrimp to feed him.
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Old 11-18-2013, 11:04 PM   #23 
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Location: QLD, Australia
+1 LBF
If you did that here you'd be fined $5000-$100000 or 5 years jail for releasing an invasive species into the wild... should have culled it and done your natives a favour
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Old 11-18-2013, 11:49 PM   #24 
Reference Team
MattsBettas's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Alberta, Canada
Honestly, not trying sound rude or start anything, but unless any of you are goby experts, experienced in the biology of British Columbian lakes, or happened to genetically test the fish in question, I don't think anyone here is qualified to say definitively whether or not this was, for certain, an invasive species. There are endangered goby species too- Who's to say this wasn't one of them?

Red, I think you made the right choice.
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Old 11-19-2013, 01:20 AM   #25 
Reference Team
LittleBettaFish's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Victoria, Australia
That's why you shouldn't take any fish out of a body of water without knowing 100% what it is. It's probably just as bad to remove an endangered species from a lake as it is to re-release an invasive species.

This is why Australia has so many restrictions on allowable fish species. People don't realise the possible ramifications of releasing fish that have been kept in captivity back into the wild. Imagine if the goby was exposed to a harmful pathogen that its release then introduced into the lake or wherever it was caught.

In OZ, we nearly got the import of anabantoid fish stopped because of the threat of iridovirus being brought in and introduced to native fish. It was so close to happening, and the threat of such legislation being brought in is still there.
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Old 11-19-2013, 02:26 AM   #26 
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Syracuse, New York, USA
eurasian goby

I think its a eurasian goby. Invasive non native fish that is wreaking havocfrom great lakes to north canada. I love fish, but this one is a real problem. Destroying yellow perch and walleye populations. I would never suggest to anyone to kill a fish but...
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Old 11-26-2013, 01:45 PM   #27 
Join Date: Jun 2013
I think what he did by releasing it back into the lake was the right thing to do. Obviously he had it in a jar with water from the lake. He didn't introduce the fish to any other water and he obviously didn't feed it and decided to let it go rather than use a beloved shrimp or take that one hour drive to buy more. I'm happy the little guy is back home. :)
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