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I agree with everything that was said. I helped out a guy on here a couple months ago that was told by an idiot that it was fine to put males and females together and ALL of his fish died. They're called fighting fish for a reason. To make a female sorority they need to be in at least a 10G tank with 4 or more females. The two females will fight to the death and with three, two of them will gang up on one. I think we all wanted to breed them when we first got them, but after researching it heavily, I realize that it's A LOT of work and patience. When the female releases her eggs, you could end up with HUNDREDS of babies. You would have to make sure that you have the room and homes for all of those babies to go.
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I agree with everything that was said.
I wanted to breed my oldest Jasper once cause I never seen a more resilient fish and I wanted his line to continue, but after reading up on the subject of breeding I changed my mind, plus I didn't wanna take a chance and hurt Jasper in the process.

So I really hope that u read up allot on the breeding process before attempting it.
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What it comes down to is you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT breed fish from pet stores... EVER. That would be like breeding dogs from a shelter. The only people who should be breeding Bettas are the people who have nice foundation stock. There is no way of knowing what sort of genetics are in pet store fish and what sort of diseases they may carry and pass on to offspring. Not to mention it is EXTREMELY hard to find homes for offspring of petstore fish.. even the nicer tail types.. VTs and CT.. forget it. That means the breeder has to be willing to either euth healthy fish or put up with homeless fish.
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thank you all so much
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