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Half of Dexter's fin is missing

I just noticed Dexter's fin, looks like half of it just fell off. I don't think it would have got caught in anything, I only have one live plant and a cave. The cave has no rough edges on it. He is in a 5 gallon Eclipse tank - could it have got caught in the filter? Or is it fin rot? Picture is attached. Sorry about the size, not sure how to resize it on my Mac. Just got it.
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How much and how often are your water changes and when was the last one and do you use any additives, what kind, what for and how much, what is the water temp, is he the only fish in the tank????
How long have you had him and have your tried anything
Is the tank cycled, do you have numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH
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Water changes are once a week, about 25% - 35% change. Except once I did 100% change because I had a live plant in there that started to rot and caused algae to grow all over the tank. Got rid of the plant. Temperature is usually around 78 - 80%. Oh, and when I do the water change, I use Aqueon water conditioner.

No, I do not cycle the tank. Unfortunately when I bought him about 3 months ago, it wasn't well thought out (as I'm sure most Betta purchases are). Had him in a bowl the first few days until I found this site, then upgraded him to the 5 gallon tank.
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Location: Batavia, IL really looks to me like it got caught in the filter. You can go get these round filter sponge things, cut one to size, and stick it over the intake so it doesn't happen again.....or at least to eliminate that being a possibility, if it ever happens again, or gets worse.

For right now though, dissolve and add some Aquarium salt to his water(1/2 teaspoon per gallon I believe...) and up the water changes to keep his water extra clean. Also, remember, salt doesn't evaporate, so only add salt equivalent to the amount of water you took out ;)
Regardless of what it was, that should help prevent infection and finrot from setting in :)

Oh, and BTW....if you have a filter, your tank will cycle so long as there is a source of ammonia(your betta in this case).
Heres a little thread that explains cycling
And Here is one that explains how to do a fish-in cycle

When was that 100% change? How long did you have the tank set up before that?
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Old 03-15-2010, 12:18 AM   #5 
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I have the same tank & my crowntail was up against the filter and did this to his tail. That was July 2009, and I am still battling getting the tail back. I hope you can get it healed soon.
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