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argh... yup, that's what my HMs look like. I just found out one of them was scared by the flower next to his tank. I had put a Christmas cactus there for him to look at and feel like he had more plants, but when it bloomed - HOLY COW! His tail disappeared! I just realized yesterday the timing and moved the plant, and today his tail is starting to smooth out.

I bet it'll come and go. He's probably just stressed out. Give him some places to hide until his decorations come in. Maybe a mug put sideways? Maybe he just feels like he's living in a fishbowl! o_~ :)
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So I moved his light so it's not shining right on the tank but way off behind it. I kind of caddy cornered it. I don't have any IAL so I ordered some. The paper I'm using is white and I did the back as well as the sides which has helped make the tank a little darker.

His plants also came today so I put him in a jar and sat him in front of Naga's tank so they could be angry at each other while I decorated.

Now Naz has a really nice crypt wendtii in one corner, some dwarf dwarf sagittaria, and a driftwood arch/cave that has a small java fern, anubias nana petite and java moss growing on it.

His plants also came with a medium sized snail lol... so he has a friend now.

He checked out the plants and the cave and now is swimming back and forth at the back.

I guess the easy way to solve this is next time buy plakats

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Oww. Poor Little Guy. And hes sooo beautiful...
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