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So I returned my heater today, and bought another one of a different brand. For some reason I'm paranoid about having this heater going. Could someone please pacify me and tell me it isn't going to burn down my house or cook my fish?

Also.. I bought some plants for my guys five gallon. I'm pretty sure I went way over board and came home with five plants , three different kinds, each with almost three sprigs(?) in each bundle. Got them planted and realized I now need an awesome light source ( Good thinking girl, after the fact ;)) so tomorrow will be another task.
Is it ok that the plants touch the heater?

Also, I'd like to comment on the not so awesome people at the two petstore i was in today.
Both looked at me as if I was crazy I was buying a heater for my betta. Apparently I don't need one. I didn't even go into it, but continued to ask questions regarding the heaters as if I didn't hear them, and one salesperson actually said, "You don't need this but I'm happy to take your money anyway" and I turned around and walked out.
Second store told me I shouldnt get a filter..once again I didn't even go into it. I guess I don't understand why someone would encourage a customer to do LESS for their pet. I work in a vet clinic and I surely don't discourage people from doing little extra things that might enrich the life of their pet.
Thanks for the rant. =)
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No, your heater won't burn your house down or cook your fish...unless it's defective. lol But I'm sure it's ok. I had the same worries as you when I got my first heater and everything turned out just fine. I'm glad you didn't let those petstore people discourage you from buying what you needed for your betta.
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The plants touching the heater should be fine - otherwise wouldn't a fish get hurt by touching it? Lol.

Oh, those employees... and I will just leave it at that.
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