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Thinking of Upgrading

I have 2 1.5G tanks that my boys currently call home. I am thinking of upgrading to 2.5G tanks as I noticed these when I was in Petsmart the other day. The benefit of these tanks is that they are thin so they will fit on the window ledge that my current tanks are kept.

My current tanks are

And I am looking at replacing them with

Anyone had any experience with these tanks? Are they any good? I read a review of one that said the tank leaked at a seam.

I can re-use my filter, heater and ornamentation in the new tanks but will need to pick up new lights as my current tanks have the LED lights sort of built into the lid.
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Ther are no openings in the glass lid for cords, feeding etc. I've seen a few people use them on here. I think one said they put the lid on upside down so the tiny handle would keep it propped open a bit. There used to be a small tank thread. Have a look
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This is what my betta is currently in. I like it ok, but I just have a heater, no filter on it. Im cycling a 5g to upgrade him, but if I didnt have the room id be fine keeping him in the 2.5g.

I use cheap plastic cling wrap over the top rather than the glass cover. Im not sure how your filter would hook onto the tank, I know the one I have now wouldnt fit on it. I would have definite problems for with the second little ledge that the glass cover sits on.

Do check the seams though. When I was buying mine I noticed that some were a little sloppy. You can see the "glue" (i have no idea what they use exactly to hold it together) up by the top corners and some had big chunks.

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That's a standard 2.5g tank. Not a bad price with a glass cover. I'd wait for a Petco buck-a-gallon sale.

See if you can nip off one of the cover corners to pass your electric cords. Or find someone who can.

(I use cling film like Whitney. My fish are not interior decorators.))
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I think the buck a gallon sale only applies to 10 to 55 gallon tanks or maybe that's just in my area
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