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torn fin? fin rot? i dont know.. but something is not right!

this is our fish. the picture is attached, its not a great one showing the problem but he wouldnt stay still. you really cant see the curl much at all :-/ dumb ol sherman was puffing at the camera or swimming around the tank fast like lol.

Anyways his fins on the bottom toward the back are seemingly curly and some of the tips are brownish up close? i dont know what it is, i was thinking maybe a tear from his plastic plant that he always hangs out around (loves that thing more than any of the real plants), but i dont know if it needs attention or not or if its something worse.. We are doing a full water change in the morning to see if that changes anything. its almost like part of his fin is shriveling up into a ball. its only a few strands but it is noticeable when he is swimming around. any thoughts on what i should do about it? if anything.

thanks :D
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I dont see a tail, but BEAUTIFUL betta!!!! ( :
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How long ago did you get him? Fin curling is usually caused by being in the small cups for a while. When the fins grow and there's no where for them to fully drop, they'll curl up. Also, poor water will do this. What size tank is he in? Do you have a heater? How often do you clean the tank?
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I've experience this similar thing along with others, Such as stress, biting themselves, Fin erosion, etc.

Mind you These were betta's that lived in their tanks for months with zero troubles, then all of a sudden something changes.

I looked at everything, trust me I tried everything, sometimes things would appear better to only get worse or come back with a vengeance,... I've run into this with a few betta's,

Seems some are more touchy then others, (but then so are some of us humans :)

The solution laid in a bigger tank.
I have several Beautiful male betta's here now that if I put in anything less then 5 gallons, in less then 2 weeks they will each have their sets of problem arise again and again..

Tanks less then 5 gallons just aren't good enough for some betta's.

I can't help but wonder if that alone is why some people are never able to cure/heal/help their betta's get better.

Small tanks are not betta friendly, They just learn to survive in them & Many don't and problems keep arising, Water changes can only do so much, It Comes to a point with some betta's that this is just not enough.

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ive had him for a few months now. we are about to do a full water change and clean his rocks. i dont think it would be a room issue because hes in a 10gallon tank and has a heater.

looking at it closer it could be a small tear. do those heal on their own or do i need to add something to his water (assuming it is a small tear) the picture cant really show it because its on the other side of his body >.< its only a few strands but my girlfriend noticed it when he was swimming around.
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