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Hello everyone.
I've been having an aquarium for the past year and a half or so now. I started with a 2.5 tank and have gradually upgraded the size to a 20 gallon tank (boyfriend bought the last two tanks for me as a birthday gift). Over the time, we've owned: neon tetras, different kinds of corries (spotted, skunk, etc...), mystery snails, african dwarf frogs, kuhli loaches, golden algae eaters, and rummynose. Before our current set of frogs, we had a mini plague somehow wipeout all of the fish in the tank (that was such a sad day). Our frogs were totally unaffected. Ever since, we've kept only dwarf frogs and loaches in the tank. All of our loaches have died (we don't know exactly what happened there, the parameters were perfect in the tank, one evening we noticed the loaches going crazy and a few hours later all of them were dead). We're currently dealing with a white fungus infection in the tank that looks like it's going to wipe out our tank :/
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wipe it out fully
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I would post about it in the diseases and emergencies section. Hopefully so.done can help you there.
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