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Haha yeah, my boyfriend thinks that way too. He doesn't think of them as "real" pets like a dog or a cat. But I love my fish just as much as I love my dogs. :) I would get more plants if you can though, they love hiding and resting up against them. You could also get something for him to hide in like a cave or a pot. You can also use a coffee mug if you don't want to spend any money. Some people on here make their own caves and stuff, they like crafting. :)

Oh and do you use a filter? I saw that you said it wasn't cycled. Sometimes if the filter is too strong, it'll make the fish stressed out. They don't like being in heavy currents. So if it looks like he's being "blown" away, than it's too strong. You can put pantyhose or fit a sponge over it to calm it down. Also, I saw that you said that he gets natural sunlight, is the sun always on the tank? That could also make him stressed out. They need light/day time like we do. I have a tank by the window that gets sun on it all the time, so I bought a fish background that dims the light so he can sleep peacefully when the tank lights are off.

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Oh, wow I didn't know that! (about the filter) I was just noticing the other day how sometimes when he swims in front of the filter, he looks like he's being pushed away. I was wondering if that was a good or bad thing, but I guess I was too wrapped up in the disappearing fins to ask? Oh, yes, there is a filter, to answer the question. lol I guess I will try wrapping some panty hose around it. I've read that it needs to be pantyhose that has not been washed with soap. Should I go out and buy some, and wash them really good in scalding hot water, or will it be ok if I just wash some that I have with really hot scalding water? I suppose it would be the same. I've been looking for those filter media bags to put over the filter, because I thought for a while that maybe his fins were getting caught in it, but I can't find any.
The sun is across the room, and there is not much direct sunlight to begin with (my room is at a funny angle; I get the light from the sun, but no real "rays" of sun. Does that make any sense?). I mean, it gets light in my room, but I still have to turn my light on if I want to read something. I don't know if that counts for direct sunlight. I just know that I read somewhere that you don't want to put the fish in direct sunlight bc it might stress him out or something to that effect.
My boyfriend is silly that way, I guess like any betta owner's significant other. But I was just showing him the other day how Andrew will let me "pet" him (he will let me touch him when I'm cleaning the tank. When I'm not cleaning it, however, not so much. lol). As for the cave, a mug would probably work great! I hadn't thought of that. I've been looking for a cave to put in the tank, but I'm afraid that the edges are too sharp. His fins have been torn up enough (apparently by his own silly self), I don't want to endanger him! So I guess a mug would be the perfect solution! I'm glad I'm on here, you guys have the best ideas. =]

p.s. Sorry I'm all over the place, my mind is a pretty busy atmosphere.
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I don't use filters on any of my tanks so I don't know how the pantyhose thing works. I wouldn't use one that has been washed with soap though, I'd get a new pair. You can drape a towel around the tank side that gets sunlight. Even though you might not think it's that bright, it could be to him. The background that I got for my 2G was $3 so it isn't that expensive, but it's up to you. :) I've seen a couple people on here say that they "pet" their bettas but it's not good for them because you could be wiping off his slimy coat that keeps his body safe and needs. You could also get terracotta pots at Micheal's or any craft store.
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