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Temperature Shock (25'c-23'c)

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if I could get suggestions on what to do. SO i was preparing for a water change and took out my betta's heater from his tank to heat his new tank water that was in a different tub and left the house for 1.5 hours and when I came back it had dropped from 25'c to 23'c.

When I got back he was initially in a top corner and saw me and came near me and just rested on top of the gravel but not clamped up. And he just stayed like that for quite awhile looking like he was in shock. His breathing rate was a bit slow and at first he didn't respond to much stimuli, not even the sight of food made him move. After 2 hours the temp got back to almost 25'c and he was a little bit better and I did a really "gentle" 40% water change he was swimming around a bit but i think it was more to do with the current from filter turning back on. Overall he is still in a state of shock and is not himself, he completely ignored my offering of food and even when it was right infront of him which was not the case at all prior to this temperature shock.

After gently changing 40% of his water, I've added 5ml of stress coat and 0.5ml of prime to his 5 gallon tank

I covered up his entire tank with layers of warm blankets and will regularly check temp to make sure its around 26'c and stays constant.

The thing is he was already a bit off before this occured, I had been feeding him every other day for the past 2 weeks since he had digesting problems and he has a history of getting bad reactions to a large variety of foods. Ever since I've got him he's easily stressed and his scaales look like it's on the verge of rising but never did rise. I've had him for over a year now.

He's the only betta in a five gallon filtered and heated tank. He gets one 50% water change weekly, every other week filter inserts swished and a monthly replacement of ammonia remover filter insert. He has two "caves" and two silk plants to play in. His water is normally at a constant 25'c or 26'c, I live in Vancouver area and it has gotten very cold within the last week so yah... this is the first time ever this has happened.

He already has a bit of fin rot and was acting a little bit off like something was bugging him and he was fighting it off, but there are high chancs that this event really tampered with his immune system and now he's going to show symptoms of illness. What do you guys suggest I should do in the meantime?

I was planning on just leaving his tank entirely covered and just let him de-stress, he gets freaked out quite easily, should I push on with trying to feed him? Or is it more important to just let him calm down for the next three days?
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I would keep his water super clean because his immunity will be lower and he is more susceptible to disease for a little while. And be careful that the temp doesn't drop like that again. Although 23 is too cold for a betta, what's worse is a sudden drop. The temperature shouldn't fluctuate more than around 1 degree celsius (or around 2 degrees fahrenheit). You could even increase the temp to around 26.7 degrees, (sorry im not the best at converting fahrenheit to celsius but 78 to 80 degrees is ideal). that would be closer to the ideal temp, 25 is a tiny bit too cold, not horrible but slightly too cold. If he shows signs of disease like clamped raggedy fins or red streaks I would medicate him right away, because the sooner you catch the illness the better the chance of him surviving and recovering.
It's never a good idea to unplug their heater and then get busy doing something else because the water can drop fast. It's easy to get sidetracked and forget.
I'd just keep an eye on him. In my opinion I'd also increase the water changes to one 50% and one 75% per week. 50% seems like not enough, I've gotten an ammonia reading in a 5 gallon after 4 days of no water changes. So I'd keep an eye on the ammonia level. And dont leave your house during the change :) And make sure the new clean water is the same temp as the old water you took out.

hope he feels better :)
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