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Actually that sounds like he doesn't have SBD. The bump is just his swim bladder, which every fish as. On some fish it's more evident while other's it's not. The S shape is probably more of a resting position which some of my fish do regularly and they don't have SBD. I would be concerned if he did the sinking or floating, that would be SBD. But the S shape is not always indicative of the SBD. In which case, bump up his feeding's to at least 4-5 pellets at each feeding since he looks so darn skinny lol. It's not going to hurt him. Especially since the food seems good.

As for foods, read the first three ingredients to tell if the food is good or not. The first three are the most important as they're listed by weight. What you want to stay away from are fillers such as Wheat, Corn and Soybean. However if Wheat is listed in the first three it's most likely just because it's used as a bonding agent in the food so it's actually not terrible. NLS has two whole ingredients and then just one Wheat filler but it's just the bond so that's what makes it a better food. If your Hikari looks like that then you should be good to go ^_^ I don't know exactly when they changed but I know it was fairly recently as in two years or so.
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Thanks lilnaugrim :D I always thought he had SBD cause he's the only one that swims funny. Maybe he only swims funny cause his caudal fins are unable to close, my other bettas close their caudal fins when their swimming fast or turning and stuff but this guy doesn't so end up swimming in this funny jerky slanted way. Am wondering if he recovered though, when he was first brought back he swam tail up most of the time and can't balance on the ground, but this doesn't happened anymore :)

Will bump up his food since he doesn't have SBD :)

Forgot to list ocean free food ingredients : quality fish meal, Spirulina,shrimp meal, krill, algae meal, wheat germ ( is this better or worst than wheat itself for bettas?) etc
Is this better than the JBL flakes or the same?:) thank you:)
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