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HELP! Raised/open gill

One of my betta fish has a raised/open gill that I didn't notice till now. (He seemed normal earlier today.) He seems to have some of the symptoms that are listed on this page, and one of his gills looks just like in the picture:

It looks swollen underneath the gill, as in, the black underneath looks swollen. Nothing looks red at all. A few months ago, I thought he started to breathe differently, but it was hard for me to tell because I wasn't paying too much to how he was breathing prior. Basically, I'd see the black flaps underneath his gills flap in and out. Once again, I wasn't sure if it was different or not. Also, when I first got him, after two weeks he became quite neurotic and was suddenly glass surfing all the time, which is what he still does now. It doesn't matter if I try tinting the walls of his tank, leave his light off and just have natural lighting or even dim lighting, he'd still do it. I've also kept doing one 25% or 50% water change with an additional 50% water change a week, and one 75% water change a month. I've used Bettafix ONCE (as in one day) a few months ago, and was using Stress+ water conditioner for a month or so because of his tail biting. During the time of using Stress+, I was doing 25% water changes every two days. Recently, I switched to Prime.

I don't know exactly what to do at this point. Is there anything that could reverse it at all? Is there anything you suggest I try doing?
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My fis is also has open gill from ammonia when he arrived my house. He has Gill Hyperplasia. I did move him at hospital tank and add medicine a week. He still open gill, but I couldn't nothing more.
Right now, he is fine, just have fin rot, though. He is good swimming, and eat foods much.

Good luck,
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