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Wink How Often Should I Change the Water?

How often should I change the water in my 3 gallon tank with filter? I have one male blue Crowntail in there.

Simple little question that I can't seem to find anywhere.

Thanks in advance!
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Do you have a liquid test kit so you can check the tank's parameters? That would help determine how often. Is the tank cycled? How long has it been set up?

And....Welcome to the Forum!
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Unfortunately I do not have a test kit, though I plan to ask for one for Christmas. And also the tank is not cycled, but it has been used by my grandma for a while since my last betta died and the gravel has bacteria on it.

My filter is the same one from my other betta since she died :( I have learned about the Nitrogen Cycle but my father said "yeah yeah blah blah blah I've never done a nitrogen cycle and our living room fish are fine they are like 3 years old" and just plunked my fish in the tank. But there was conditioner in there, no worries ^^

Anyways, its been set up for about a week. Hope I have enough information but feel free to ask for more.
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If your gravel and filter foam has dried out, you no longer have live nitrifyng bacteria. Sorry.

But your Dad has bacteria in his tank, whether he knows it or thinks he doesn't. Grab an ounce or two of his substrate or a small piece of his filter foam and put it in or near your filter. This will transfer some of his live bacteria to your tank and help your cycle get started. Caution: Only do this if his tank and his livestock are healthy.

Until you get your test kit, I think you should do at least two 50% water changes per week with Prime water conditioner @2-drops/gal. And add Prime every other day.

When you get your test kit keep your ammonia and nitrite below 0.50ppm by doing 50% water changes (with Prime). In other words, change 50% of your water whenever ammonia or nitrite rise above 0.50ppm. That will be your water change schedule. After your ammonia and nitrite decline to 0.0ppm, change 50% weekly for the life of the tank (with Prime).

Even though I wouldn't recommend fish-in cycling without a test kit, here's a more detailed explanation which should answer some questions:
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Oh, thank you very much! About the gravel - My grandma used the tank up until I bought my fish, and started using it when my female betta Holly died (July 2, 2013, its been a few months) so all I did before my dad put the fish in was pour out all the water and goldfish poop, so the gravel still had bacteria I believe. Correct me if I am wrong please ^^

Cascade (I changed the name) is currently very happy and flares when he sees me, and darts for food whenever I drop some in the tank. He likes the filter a lot.
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3 gallon, tank, water change, water changes

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