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Exclamation Help me!

Okay, first of all, I would love to say thanks for reading!
I just got a beautiful betta fish! His name is Taco, and I got him from walmart :)! I never knew that I could get so attached to a fish, but I have. And I have some concerns.

Okay, so when I saved Taco, I was on a budget. So, he is currently living in an one gallon tank, with a plant and gravel. I know that it is frowned apon to have a betta fish in an one gallon tank, but is it really that bad? It also has no filter or heater, but I make sure the temp is always at 70 degrees, and cleaned his water after 3 days (the water is also conditioned). Im doing everything I can to make his life happy, but is it necessary to move the size up to a 2.5 gallon tank?

My next plead for help is his eating habits. I've had Taco for 5 days now and he has not eaten anything. Ive tried EVERYTHING! Frozen peas, to lettuce, to flakes, and pellets. The closest that he has ever done to eating is putting a pellet in his mouth then he spits it right back this normal? Please help me! Thank you so much!
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I'm even newer to Bettas but I've found a few things from other members who have helped me out! (:

I believe your tank is way to cold. Bettas prefer 78 degrees, right now my Betta's tank is being heated by a heater and staying at a solid 74 (waiting for it to get up there though.) Is he being lethargic? He could not be eating because he's just to cold.. (or he's just still getting used to his new home..I've heard horror stories of bettas from walmart, but good for you for saving Taco!)

Best of Luck, even though I couldn't help you much.

EDIT: I've been told that Bettas need at least 5 gallons. My Louie is in a 1.5 gallon tank with filter, but some have told me that if he's happy there than he's happy. You should upgrade Taco whenever you have the money to do so, but don't sweat it. I'd just make sure he has somewhere to hide and space to move around. Louie loves his clothe leaves but hasn't touched his hide away rock, but Louie is a lot newer than Taco.

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He will be fine in a one gallon as long as you clean it twice weekly.
Don't worry, new fish often go a week or more without eating while they adjust to their new homes. Feed him one pellet a day until he is willing to actually eat. If he doesn't eat, be sure to take the uneaten food out so it doesn't rot in the water.
He needs a heater. They are tropical fish and need a constant temperature somewhere between 76 and 82 (depends largely on the fish, my female gets pale and lethargic above 76, while my male loves 78 or higher).
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OMG I totally did not notice that I said 70, I ment 80:( Sorry for worrying you, its at 80 degress everyone!
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