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5.5 Gallon Tank - Heater?

Hello, hello! :)

I'm new here, but I've been keeping bettas for a while now. I just purchased my current male betta, Benedict, a few days ago. Everything has gone well so far and he's a cool little critter, but his water still feels cold to me.

In my last bettas tank, when I got the degrees right the water was actually warm to the touch. It's a 5.5gal tank, but I purchased a 5gal heater thinking that it wouldn't be any issue at all..

Do I need to return this heater and get something that is capable of getting warmer? I was told that bettas need to stay between 75-80 degrees (F) and right now, his water is clocking in at approx. 60 degrees.

Thank you!
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Hi there!
Congrats on your new betta! :D

Yes, I would definitely recommend getting a new heater. Usually it's best to keep the temperature at 76-80 degrees. I keep mine at 78. 60 is to cold. :(

I personally recommend the Eheim Jagger 25w heater. I've used it first for my 3gallon, and now for my 5.5 gallon, and it works like a charm. There's also the Aqueon submersible heaters which supposedly have a good rep? They have life time warranties. I think they may have a 25w?

Those two were recommended on this thread about heaters:

The thread creator has a 10g, so you'll of course have to go for a slightly smaller heater than what they were looking for. (Instead of a 50w, a 25watt is best for 5gallon).

Good luck finding a nice heater! :)
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I only know a few experienced keepers who can estimate water temperature by feel. The rest of us need thermometers. The cheap floating kind is fine.

A 50W heater will work in a 5g tank. Adjustable heaters don't cost much more than non-adjustables. It never pays to skimp on heaters.
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