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Old 04-26-2010, 10:56 PM   #1 
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Talking My sorority! Pics soon!

YAAAAAY!!!! Today i went to the fish store and the girlies were there!!! I picked out five to accompany juliet in the sorority and introduced them to my 20 gal ( after rearranging the stuff ect) And they were raised in captivity so the guy said there would not be much aggression plus i saw them all in the same tank. I have not seen one peck and just once i saw a 1/2 second chase. They really get along well! All i need to do now is get them all named! There is one thing that bugged me though when i looked at the little tank they were all in THERE WAS A YOUNG MALE IN IT! I could tell by the slightly longer more colorfull fins and long pelvic fins. I told the guy and he said all of them were female without even LOOKING at the tank!Plus i saw ich and a little fin rot ( or just tears from biting). I was careful to only choose healthy girls though since im bad at nursing sick ones to health. Sorry for the ramble lol!I will try to post pics soon!
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Never take the employees word, unless they really show off some real betta knowledge!

It figures one of the females is a plakat. However you might want to be careful, sometimes females just resemble males at time. Especially ones that are... "larger" (hehe).

Sooner or later, I'm pretty sure you will see some nipping, just for the sake of some... pecking order? Not sure what the term is. However, this is the "harmless" *or rather, 'be careful and cautious' part of it*. And it seems that just by living in captivity away from others doesn't tend to translate into them being more docile and less agressive. If anything, it would hardly effect it. Sorry to bring your happy mood down, but I just wanted to say!

Also, this is why (although it is not mentioned that much anymore, which it should be...hmm) it's recommended to quarantine all of them in a cheap little critter-keeper to watch out for ick or any other type of disease. Unless you are willing to treat an entire tank anyways. And chances are, your betta will be affected by disease sooner or later, just by being in that little cup. Looking healthy is not being healthy, which is why I add aquarium salt at the start for 10 days for my friend's fish. And especially if the employee doesn't look, might as well throw that 'info' out the window!

But hopefully, NONE of this bad stuff happens to you! I'm always the doubtful type, don't mind me! Haha. Can't wait to see pictures!
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Awesome! I was carefull to net them out of the bag they came in (they were in a tank thank goodness i HATE those dang cups! lol) I dont want the infected water in my tank so yeah. I will try and post pics as soon as possible but with star test coming up and blah blah blah i might not get them on until friday or saturday but we'll see!
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