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Old 11-15-2013, 04:25 PM   #11 
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I agree with the fish-bag, that'd probably be easier on him than putting him in a container.
And styrofoam holds temperature in really well, maybe get one of those disposable styrofoam coolers to put everything in?
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Well, he survived the trip! I figured I'd update you all on how it went since you were all so kind and helpful to me. I ended up emptying his tank halfway and pack it with a towel into a Cardboard box, since I was short on plastic bags. If I ever have to travel with him again, I'm definitely investing in lots of bags because this was a new kind of Hell for him I imagine. The whole journey took two days, due to timing and relying on other people for transportation, so he only spent about 3 hours in the vehicle each day. When I got to my parents' house and got him set up, he seemed to be fine. I didn't feed him that night since it was fasting day, but he ate everything I gave him the next day, so that was a relief. However, closer to the end of our stay, he stopped eating, and I got kinda of worried because we were travelling again in just a couple of days and I wanted to make sure he was as stress free as possible going into it. He ended up going for a total of five days without eating, two of them were another two-day journey home. This time, the weather was MUCH colder, (about -20C going up, and -40C coming home) Unfortunately, since we were in a rush to leave I couldn't let the heater cool down slowly before packing him into the car, and on the journey hoome at some point, the glass of the heater cracked. I'm so glad I bought him a new tank and got it set up before trying to plug that heater in, because I'd definitely have one fried fishy right now if I didn't.

As for the new tank, I bought it on sale just after Christmas, because I wanted a filter and a light for him and it ended up being cheaper and more sensible to buy a whole new tank at the time. He's now settled into it and learning to play with the water flow from the filter for fun. I think his fins may have been damaged a little bit during the journey, but it doesn't seem to be anything major. He's eating again and even bit me last night after when I put the jar of pellets away, (he'd eat forever if I let him).

Here's some pictures of the new tank:

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I'm so glad everything went ok! ^_^

One thing though, the purple plastic plant in his tank. I used to have that plant as well and it tore one of my betta's fins. I'm not sure if you've had problems or not, but just letting you know my experience with it.
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