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My first betta was a blue VT back in 1998 . I though he was the best fish in the world. I loved him and I still have a place in my heart for VT. I think most of us that started out with them will.

They just don't breed them like they use to. My male had a big full tail when he flared it was big. I see a lot more sad looking tv with thin tails now a days. I think someone should start breeding VT for show. They can be pretty fish. They are classic. I no longer like HM and would pick a nice VT over these HM with the crazy long tails.

What goes around comes around. Right now the trend is hmpk. I love them and breed them. But I bet in a few years the VT could make a come back if someone starts working with them and makes them great. If it was not for the VT we would not have any other the tail types we have today.

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personally i hate the look of the pet shop VT like snowflake said they are so thin and small but i have seen some beautiful pictures veil tails and i just dont see them anymore :/
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I think VTs aren't commonly bred simply because (like people have mentioned before), there is no way to easily rehome all the fry. It'll take a lot of money to set-up all the equipment you need, and the fry simply won't sell for much when pet stores sell them as low as $3. Most people won't end up looking online for VTs in my opinion, I personally didn't even know that you could ship with USPS before getting into the breeding hobby.

Honestly if you have the money, time, and dedication to do it. I think it'd be a great thing to breed quality VTs. I think most of the "criticism" is towards people who don't understand what they're getting themselves into and decide midway that it's not as fun as they initially thought it would be. No matter VT or HM or any of the other tailtypes, a life is a life and should be brought into this world responsibly.
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