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Which siblings to breed?

I'd really appreciate some input as to which of my offspring I should breed with each other to get closer to my goal of marble/marble kois. There's a link to my spawn log in my signature, and towards the last pages you can see many pics of the juvies I have right now.

I'll describe the colors I have:

I have some cellos(or what appear to be), but one has begun to get orange lips so I just have to wait and see what happens with them.

There is one baby who is white and black marble-y pattern.

Then there are some yellows and yellow Cambodians. The yellow on their body is a very pale yellow.

The oranges look splotchy with color on their bodies, some have orange just outlining the scales and then orange splotchy faces. And a few orange Cambodians.

And tons of dingy reds, their fins are bright red, but their bodies are dirty looking, I'm not attracted towards them at all lol. Some look to be a bit marble-y, but they are hard to concentrate on cause they get so crazy when they see me. I saw one today that I've never noticed before. Or maybe he has changed colors, because his pattern is new to me, and I stare at them for hours. Lol.

And the red Cambodians, some have clean looking bodies, but their faces are splotchy with red.

And then there are the weird colored ones...I have a hard time capturing their true colors in pics. They are like a grayish brownish yellow color. Most of their fins look yellowish, with black outline. Some have all black fins. Some have iridescence, some don't.

I'll attach a pic of these weird colored ones, I got a good shot of a couple.
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I like the one in focus on the right. that one looks good.

I say take the ones you like out and jar them. They grow better when in jars and getting one on one attention from you. For some reason my fish turn to males when they are in jars haha. I have 2 fish in the grow out tank I think are males. Put your Favorites in jars and see how they grow. They do mature faster in the jars or mine did. They get all the food no one steals daily WC.

only time will tell what color they are and what sex they are.

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Nice babies!!
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