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Question i think it's swim bladder disorder...needing good advice

my betta is having a bad week. i saw some ich, bought the medication did a complete water change and put him back in his tank: now i have noticed that he cannot swim down. he doesn't seem to have much direction either. he is extremely stressed out - and i don't blame him - he keeps flaring up angrily because he can't swim. the top of his back is popping out of the water....i need some help getting this guy happy again! i know it's a broken record hearing about swim bladder disorder but if you take a couple minutes to help me out i will be extremely grateful. (he does not appear bloated)

also, before the swimming problem when i first noticed the ich i saw him completely flare up for the first time since i bought him. his tank is isolated from other fish and in the same spot it has been since day one. i took it as a sign that he was irritated by the ich...please let me know if you think it could be something else.
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Hmm... Squirt was/sorta is having the same problem. I thought he was bloated so I fed him a cooked pea. It worked, and I also fasted him for 2 days, he's swimming better now and he can actually swim down without floating back up. He seemed very bored/stress because he couldnt move. Hope that helps!!
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a whole cooked pea or do i cut it up? i actually read through your thread on Squirt earlier haha. thanks for the help!
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Peas aren't good for their digestive systems, so I'd stay away from that. Daphnia helps with constipation and it's a lot safer. You can even give it as a regular food so you don't have bloating issues. Could you take a picture of him?

Are any of his scales raised in a "pine coney" way? What size is the tank? Does he have a heater? How often and how many pellets do you feed him a day? Sorry for all the

Oh and he flared probably because he saw his reflection, it's normal for them to do. :)
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There are 2 causes of swimbladder, the first is bloating or constipation putting pressure on the swimbladder. The second is damage to the swim bladder which can be caused as a number of things. Is he bloated, does his belly look larger then normal? If it does then try fasting him for a couple days and giving him some daphnia or if you can't get a hold of that you can give him a tiny piece of a cooked, shelled pea.

What size is your tank? Is it heated? How much do you usually feed him?
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