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chelsea lights
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Question Changing from 1.5 gal to 5 gal

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and I need a little advice. I want to move my beta from a 1.5 gallon tank to a 5 gallon tank, but I want to make sure that I'm not overlooking something important. I've been lurking and reading similar posts for a while, but some of the variables are different so I got nervous

The 1.5 gallon tank that my beta is currently in has no heater or filter. I had been doing 100% water changes once a week until I read that was a bad idea. I've started doing about 30% water changes every 2 days. I set up the 5 gallon tank on Monday and today I tested the water with these results:
GH-30 KH-40 PH-7.0 NO2-0 NO3-0

So my 3 concerns are: How do I know when the 5 gallon tank is ready and what do I need to do to get to that point?
Is there anything special I need to do when putting my beta in the new tank?
How often should I change the water and what method should I be using to clean?

My fish and I thank you for your help!
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You'll need to cycle the tank (get the good bacteria growing to "eat" the fish waste) & that can take a while.

Did you get a heater?

Do you have plants? silk or live

Cave - hiding place.

Good water treatment stuff - Prime is good.

I'm not good at describing the cycling process but there's lot's of info on it here.

Best advice is to keep checking water parameters & make sure the water stays clean clean clean.
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