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Old 03-26-2010, 06:53 PM   #11 
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They can probably eat 200 pellets in one gulp if they wanted to. Haha, i feed mine 2 pellets 2x a day. I reccomend at least 4, but it can always be different for bettas. Their stomach is the size of ther mouths . And its good that he's flaring (that should come down with time), and great that his colors good :)
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I need Help Its an Emergency i woke up one morning and my betta seemed to have a chunk missing from in between where his gill and stomache are sopposed to be he wont eat and he had fungus on him wich went away i hate to do this but right now i have him in about a 1 gallon or less container with the tank water and a light over him i added some rocks and a leaf from a plant and im really scared he runs when i put the mirror in there and imm sooo stressed i know this is a horrbile thing to say but i wish he would just die along with my THREE tetra that are left! im soo stressed right now please please help!!
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Calm down.

A chunk missing from what? Body? Or tail?
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There is a patch of skin under my betta's chin/ neck that is scaleless. If that's what you're talking about, then I'm pretty sure it's normal, or my betta's a lot more sick than I thought :P

Have you tried switching the food to get him to eat? My betta went off his flakes, then started eating when I got him some other brand of pellets. If your betta is out of his home and in a temporary house, it's possible that he's just super stressed, and will calm down soon.
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