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Old 05-10-2010, 09:48 PM   #11 
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5 neons, 2 cories, 1 betta and a 10 gallon cycled tank sounds great! Just as long the tetras aren't fin nippers that is :)
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Make yourself a backup plan, just in case.
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I would personally get more cories and no neons. Neons can be fin nippers, and you definitely need more than just 2 cories! They're shoaling fish that prefer to be kept in groups.
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Originally Posted by Alienbetta1 View Post
Your right Welsh!
This is a first woo hoo :p
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Depending on the tank's dimensions, 4-5 panda corys would be wonderful. Pygmy cory (while you could have more) tend to be more a middle of the tank crowd, which some Bettas might not like.

I have come to view Bettas like people. Just because 99% get along fine with xx, there's always the rebel.
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