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Starting Over

well my son wanted the fish & stuff i had so now im fishless again :(
& trying to decide what kind of fish to get...
heres what i have now:
one 2 gallon hexagon tank
one 2 or 3 gallon bowl
one 20 gallon long tank ,stand, filter, hood,light ,decor, etc.
is a king betta or a plakat bigger ? maybe one of these in the 20 gallon ? where do you get plakats ? or maybe i should go w/ a community tank for the 20 gallon long ?
Please keep in mind ive NEVER kept a fishtank before so i dont know what im doing ...

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There are many different types of bettas. There's a thread in the betta care section that shows pictures of all the different tail types and colors. A "King" betta is a giant PK. Kings need at least 5Gs or more because they get almost double the size of a normal sized betta. The 20G would have to be cycled before you added any fish to it. There's a thread here on cycling, I'm not sure where it is though. Petco has been getting in PK's, not in CT though. :( They have Kings at Petco though. Petsmart has Veiltail's and Crowntail's. Petco has the better selection...they have Kings, Veiltails, Crowntails, Halfmoons and Deltas. I absolutely love bettas because you will rarely find two bettas that look a like...they are so unique in color and personality. And yes, they have tons of personality! :)

It's up to you which tank you want to use...I'd use all of them.haha :P But that's just my betta obsession. A 2G tank should be cleaned twice a week 100% because ammonia builds up very quickly in small tanks/bowls. If you're busy and don't have time to do the water changes, than I'd stick with the 20G. You can put other fish in with bettas (I personally wouldn't) but some like the company. I'm not sure what kinds of fish you can put in with them but you can't put male bettas together. You can have a female sorority with tons of females if you do the 20G. You could probably put 11 or 12 females in that size of a tank. You could also divide the tank and put males and females in it (in their own areas).
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you mean i can put a bunch of female bettas in a 20 gallon tank together ?

Im thinking of maybe getting just one King/Giant Betta for the 20 gallon idea how long it will take to cycle the tank or how to do it ...will have to read up first ...its just sitting here empty now...
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