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Huffle Puffles
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
A journal by: Huffle Puffles

Hello everyone :)
This is the start of my new journal. If you're curious more about the full back stories to these bettas you can check out my old journal here: I've decided to move forth to this new one after the passing of my "baby betta". Here you'll find the many ramblings from me about my bettas, snails, dog, perhaps the other random animals I follow around outside and maybe a rant or so about my life in general.

Name: Harley
Adoption Date: 07/16/13 - Officially 7/31/13
Current Housing: 3 gallon critter keeper (unfiltered, heated)
Likes: Building massive bubble nests. Silently judging the world,, (okay okay me, he's judging me, I can see it in his eyes!) from his mesh tunnel. Being super sassy!
Dislikes: When I destroy his bubble nests. When the camera flash goes off and it's not aimed at him.
*Originally was supposed to be a fish my aunt was going to rescue from 'life in a cup'. After babysitting him for a week while she was on vacation she gifted him to me.

First Day



Name: Koji
Adoption Date: 07/21/13
Current Housing: 10 gallon (planted, filtered, heated) & 5 mystery snail roommates.
Likes: Swimming through the filter current. Planking?- He will swim, swim, swim then abruptly stop and just lay very still. Exploring his new undivided tank.
Dislikes: When Harley wouldn't pay attention to his creeper advances.
*He's changed the most color wise out of all my bettas I think. As you can see by the pics below. ;)

First Day
One Dark Eye...

...and One Light

Current (He has been a pain in the rump to try and get a picture of lately, he's so excited to be able to cross the border onto the other side of the tank now.)


Name: Ramses
Adoption Date: 08/07/13
Housing: 5.5 gallon (filtered, heated)
Likes: His mesh tunnel. Bloodworms. Playing dip'n'around games with the heater and plants.
Dislikes: The camera monster, rawr!
*Picked this guy up at Pet Supply after going back and thinking he was a betta that had been there a long time that I had seen and really liked the color of. Turns out, it was a different fish. Oopsies. We had a rough start but I quickly fell just as in love with him as the rest. We've continued to have a rough journey together as he continually fights a pretty bad case of fin rot/tears/tumors. But he's a very active, social boy who I'm working on trying to bring to full health.

First Day

Current (hiding his boo-boos)


I currently have 4 Black Mystery snails (Meep, Bleep, Okie & Dokie) and 1 Golden Inca snail (Mo)

(They've been tossed about a bit between tanks after Mysti's passing, so their shells are looking a little worse for the wear)


Name: Bailey (Lhasa Apso)
Adoption Date: 03/17/05 (I think?)
Housing: Everywhere! She owns this house and everyone/thing in it. haha!
Likes: Going for walks. Steak. Leg/paw massages. Baths and sitting under the hair dryer. Jumbones (don't know if I even spelled that right). Laying on her pillow throne and gazing out the window. Sticking her head out the car window on rides through the country...
Dislikes: ...^The scent of cow poo on said rides through the country. When it rains and her paws get wet. The word "no". If you point out she "tooted"...that really embarrasses her. >:D
*She's basically my fur-child, I mean she's my kid she just happens to walk on all fours and have fur...ya...that's it.

First Day

First Fur-cut

Current (Not a Morning Doggy)


So, this is just a brief introduction or re-introduction to the cast of characters you will see through-out this journal. Next post will be an actual journal entry, but I figured I'd start it off with a brief intro. :D!
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Huffle Puffles
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
So everyone has been jostled about. Tanks are kind of upheaved and incomplete. I want to add more plants but haven't been able to go out much with the snow. Crazy weather!!

Koji and the snails are living downstairs in the sitting room by the window in the 10 gallon.

Harley is living on my computer desk in his old 3 gallon keeper. I don't know if he is doing the tail biting or if Koji was getting him through the divider but I found a big chunk of his dorsal nipped off and lots of little u-shaped markings all over his tail. It's probably for the better for him to be back in the smaller tank, I think he was struggling to move about in all that space anyway. Mr. Sassypants does have pretty full finnage after all. :p

Ramses is still residing in his 5 gallon. I think I actually am starting to see some healing going on. There's less "blackness" to his scales and he had some pinholes all over his fins that I no longer see. I mean, his fins are still in really rough shape but at least I see -some- progress now.

The snails are active...a little hurting in the shell department, I threw out all their cuttlebones after being in the infected tank and haven't gone out to get a new one yet. Interesting to know that they really do help make a difference though.

Picture spam!

Seeeee, silently judging...

Why bother swimming when you can sit in the gravel

Lurking in the leaves


Grumpy face - he's trying to be like Harley

Love the mix of his scale colors popping and the shadows

About to explore the caveish, structure, thingiemabob

Under the anubias - the cool new hangout spot

Oh excuse me while I use you as a step-ladder


Oh, hello

o_o moooooom can I be a clam for Halloween??


Trying to clean the faux algae?
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BettaLover1313's Avatar
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Location: Illinois, USA
Glad to hear that Ramses is getting better!

Love all the snails and their comments!
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Can't get over that stunning shade of green Koji is, how long did it take to come in on him?
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Old 02-08-2014, 11:07 AM   #5 
Huffle Puffles
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Thank you BettaLover !

Cotton19, this was him on 08-13-13, it was starting to come in. So about 3 weeks. I will say in the dark he keeps to a more baby-blue/turquoise color, but if any light hits him, especially the camera flash, that green irid really pops out.

and this was two months after that one

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cheekysquirrel's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Perth, Australia
Looking forward to reading about your journey with your babies, whether they be slimy, fishy or furry
I understand Bailey being like your child. I feel the same about my cat, to the extent that I get separation anxiety!
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summersea's Avatar
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Location: Carlisle, KY
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the coloring on Koji! I can't wait to see more pictures of him! Stunning!
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Old 02-11-2014, 04:18 AM   #8 
Cotton19's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
my HM rocky photographs green too, and he is more a deep blue/violet, but my new plakat has true green, I am excited about that
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Huffle Puffles
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Massachusetts, USA
I know everyone is sick of the snow, but I have to say, I kind of like it. *hides before things are thrown at her* It's been sort of nice being stuck in the house, it's forced me to get lots of stuff done...and lose many hours of my life since I decided to start playing World of Warcraft again. Seriously, now I remember why I just sucks the hours right out of your day!


The snails are thriving. Like, I can already see their shells getting better. The Black mystery ones are all getting to be the size of golf balls. The golden ones growth has been slower, but I see lots of healthy shell, so I'm happy.

Koji is good. Loving all his new plants. I purchased a really pretty new Anubias plant for his tank, they seem to do well in there and the snails aren't snacking on them too much. I was really excited to find it at the store, it was hidden behind a bunch of those "mixed plant" bunches for $6.99 or $7.99 at Petco and when I pointed out it wasn't a mixed bunch the lady gave it to me for the $4.99 price. YAY! I don't know why I was so excited about this plant, haha, I just really liked the leaf spread and shape.

Only bad thing is his tank has an outbreak of tiny white bugs, which I know are from the snail food. I saw someone on the forums here use tile in their tank and I think I'm going to ditch the gravel and go for that. Easier to vac...I don't care how much I clean the gravel, it's never enough, and I always get so much junk stirred up into the water. So yea, once the snow dies out, I'm going to make a trip to Home Depot. The anubias, I will either tie to some driftwood or if I can find some crystals I have laying around that aren't sharp...maybe those. Not sure, maybe a mix. I'm going to buy more plants, I'd really like to get one of those twine looking plant rings they sell at Petco to add in their too. The tank is in the sitting room now where everyone watches tv, so I want to really pretty it a sunken lost world. PLUS it gets great sunlight for the plants.

Ramses still my lumpy boy, still icky finned, BUT, BUT!!!!! I ACTUALLY SEE HIS FIN HEALING!!! Lol, sorry. I've been monitoring one particular tear and I've watched it heal from being sliced from his body to the tear being gone. So I'm quite excited that he does actually have the ability to heal. Now if only he would work on healing the big hole in the middle of his caudal I'd be content. But he loves his new tank setup, since I refuse to give him any ornaments, I've put the silk plants from Koji's tank in there with a pair of mesh tunnels floating at the top and he's having a lot of fun playing in the leaves.

Harley, ohhhh Harley, what have you done to your fins. Wherever he did the biting (what I think was him or Koji biting him through the mesh) it's sorta tattered and curled looking now, I don't know if its rotting a bit before it's going to heal or what, but I'm keeping an eye on that. I did do a Kanaplex treatment just in case. But otherwise, he seems...content on the desk. I mean, ya know, content for a grumpy face.

Ehem! Who you callin' grumpy face!? Hm?

Scoping out the plants

Checking out the new ruins head

Mysti must have taught him how to play hide-n-seek...

...and Harley must have taught him how to be sassy

Better idea of his natural light coloring

The new plant and a Koji tail
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Betta Nut
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Looks like Koji likes the new plant even more than you!
It really is a nice one, good find :)

I saw that tile bottom tank too, and thought ooooo nifty!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.
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