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My boy changed colors?

Ok, so, I came home from work tonight, and as soon as I open my door, I looked at my 10g and noticed something odd about my crowntail Patch. He's normally bright blue with vibrant red fins, and streaks of turquoise throughout his whole body and fins alike. When I walked into the room, his color was different. Upon closer inspection, his body had turned bright silver with two black lines running horizontally along his body. He wasn't acting any different, came to the front of the tank to greet me like normal. I ran to the bathroom, cuz let's face it, after working 9 hours straight with no breaks makes for a full bladder. I came back to snap a pic, and he was his normal blue again.

Should I be worried? His tankmate Seoul lives on the other side of the divider and he was his normal color and attitude. No changes in feeding schedule, tank light has been on 12-14 hrs a day like normal. Temp is steady between 78-82 degrees at all times. Water changes every 2-3 days, ranging between 25 and 50%. Treated with seachem prime. No info on water tests, I need to save and invest in a good liquid one.

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It sounds like something stressed him out. The horizontal lines are stress stripes. Bettas get them when they are stressed or scared by something. Nothing to worry about.

I would lower the amount of time you keep the light on. 8-10 hours a day is better. I've found that leaving the light on for a long time can stress some fish out.
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Ok. Will try that I suppose. I generally am gone for 12 hrs a day tho. Maybe I can get a wall timer for the light?
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Yep, it was probably the light that stressed him out.

I know with Cinder that I tend to use more natural light than artificial light. As the sun goes down, I turn one or two lamps on in the house (for my benefit); they don't bother Cinder too much since they're not directly over him. In the evenings, I always turn all lights off. After a time he started "going to bed" at the same time every night-- usually after I fed him his evening meal.
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