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Newbie in need of advice

Any advice appreciated!

To make a long story, short....I have a 1 gallon bowl that currently has a betta and an african dwarf frog in it. The pet store indicated this was the way to go. I believed them and have a couple of dead goldfish and snail to show for it. Trip #4 to the store resulted in the betta. I'm a total novice at this, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm trying to learn fast.

The water smelled and was cloudy, so I did a 100% water change yesterday. I cleaned the gravel too. Today the water is cloudy again and the betta/frog are listless and in shock. From what I gather, I screwed this up in terms of bacteria and nitrates.

I went out today and purchased a 3 gallon tank (w/ filter, heater, new gravel, thermometer, and master test kit). Now I'm looking at all this and don't know where to begin.

What should I do about our betta/frog in the bowl? Are they suffering?
How do I setup the new tank? I really need step by step instructions.
How quickly can I move them over?

Again, thanks for your time. I feel horrible about the way we handled this, there's so much mis-information out there.
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Well, definitely get the frog out of the bowl, it's too small even for a betta to thrive in (as recommended 2.5 gallons minimum) Frogs are also very messy from what I remember. Not too sure on those guys other than they like to be in groups if possible. I would probably take him back and get a refund saying you didn't get correct information, but that's just me. If you've grown attached to him, I'm sure you can keep him. Someone else will hopefully advise you on what to do with the frog. A 3 gallon for a betta is a perfect size though.

Well, first clean everything thoroughly with hot water including gravel, then pretty much just put it all together. Gravel, decorations, water, water dechlorinator, filter and heater or however you want to do it. This might help:

I assume/recommend you cycle the tank since you have a test kit, but it's up to you. You could get away with two 50% a week with 100% changes every other week without cycling. That's what I did when I had my 3 gallon. If you do cycle, then this will help. You could move the betta right away. He'll be fine with the cycle as long as you change part of the water when you get readings of ammonia. It will make the cycle longer, but he won't be harmed at least. Again, I'm not sure on the frog, I don't know if they're sensitive to water parameters or if they need to be in an already cycled tank.

Welcome, and anymore questions don't hesitate to ask. :)
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Are you using any sort of water treatment? Your tap water may have chemicals in the water that could be messing your little buddies up. I use seachem prime. A few other members have reccomended it to me. I haven't had any problems since I've used it, so at the worst its not going to hurt anything. It'll set u back just a couple of dollars from any major petstore. Just get the smallest bottle they sell.

Also consider bringing a water sample to your petstore for them to test. I know the petsmart I go to tests water for free, and I think most petstores will.

I would also say don't keep the frog and fish in the same habitat. As stated above, the frog may need way different parameters than the betta. The fact that your water went cloudy and smelled that fast makes me think the frog may be throwing everything off.

You could also try bottled water for a while. Not distilled water, as that lacks nutrients the fish needs. Just regular bottled water, and as you begin to do waterchanges, use your tap water.

Another idea is to let your tapwater sit out for a day (I.e. if you know your going to change 1 gallon out of your tank in 2 days, get 1 gallon of tapwater tomorrow and let it set out, covered of course, so no dirt or other things get into it). I would highly suggest looking into a water treatment like seachem prime asap, and take a sample of your tap water to your petstore to get tested.
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