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Tokyo acts funny!

Hi all,

Just recently (past two weeks) One of my betta's Tokyo is acting really funny. Hes in a 10 gallon tank divided into 2 sections. The other side that contain's Cosmo is fine, hes as happy as ever, but Tokyo definitely has something up!

He just sits up at the corner by the divider all day, doing nothing. If i put my finger against the glass it will stimulate him and he will swin around in what i would call an erratic manor for 40 seconds or so, not like the peaceful Betta swimming that we all know!

His tank is filtered and heated and has 25% water chance on a weekly basis. Does anybody know what's up? I think he could be bloated, all though he doesn't look it, i got told i should feed squashed pea's as part of their diet once a month so i gave him some and it was around that time that i noticed the change... i hope i didn't give him to big a piece.

Thank you,
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Could be parasites..

Do a 50% water change daily for 10 days and add aquarium salt. If that doesn't help, get some meds.
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I thought I read in a post on here that peas AREN'T good for them. That they don't have the digestive system to handle them, and could potentially cause problems :O Let me see if I can find the post.
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It was in the General Health sticky:

-Diet: In the wild, they feed off of mosquito larvae, mosquitos, other insects and their larvae, daphnia, and worms. In the home aquaria many bettas won’t eat flake food. If you choose to try offering flakes, please be sure they are specifically betta flakes and not tropical flakes. Tropical flake food does not provide the proper nutrition for a betta. Meaty foods should be their staple diet. Vegetables should be avoided. Peas are sometimes suggested for bettas, please don’t. A betta’s digestive tract is not designed to handle that kind of roughage in their diet, thus the reason it acts like a laxative. Feeding peas to a betta can severely damage their digestive tract and lead to permanent damage and early death.

I really don't know where to go from there tho, I'm a newb :S Hope everything works out!
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