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Wink Genetics Questions

Say I wanted to make roundtails in the future, well near future.
I found a few places that will take the fry but I won't have much profit at all.
The goal is a blueish black roundtail betta.
this kind of tail, is ideal of what I want.
The color, I am not really too picky about, though I want it to fall in the blues, to dark blue, to black range.
The VT female (from what I am told by the guy who orders the bettas) comes from a line of VT with rounded tails as a trait of thiers, and I seen her brothers and sisters, and they are the VT with the rounded vl oposed to the kina pointed or flat bottomed viel, all royal blue with red ventrils.
The PK male I have came from the same pet store, and he too,was joined by his brothers, who looked exactly like him. Black, with orchid coloring, and white tips on the ventrils.
So both of the bettas appearently came from lines, and hopefully won't throw random colors o.o.

What I want to know, is it worth it to start breeding with this pair,
Spoof :)


(flash makes her appear way lighter colored.)

This was when I had first got her. remember? her and another in a cup?
I later found out that it was in fact, her brother O.O

So yeah, the guy that works at the pet shop wants some of the fry, and he said he can probably buy the fry back and sell them at the LPS after they get around 6 months old.
I relaize the big responsibility here,

btw this is close to what I really want to come out of these two bettas.
Even if I have to breed for a coupole of years, I want to make like a dark blue or black roundtail, that isn't viel enough for VT and isn't short enough for PK.
I think I have read that melano genes are lethal to female offspring, and also causes them to become infertile, so that is one factor that might get me.
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If your breeding a VT your going to end up with mostly VT.

Also PLEASE don't sell your fry to a petstore. There are too many fish dying and ending up in putrid conditions being sold from pet stores. Unless your LPS keeps their bettas in 1+ gallon containers and actually preaches the correct way to care for bettas they should never go to pet stores.

I would rather not breed than see any fish that I created go to a pet store. That is a punishment worse than death.
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Marion, South Carolina. (in the sticks)
Well I can keep them until adulthood.
There are a few people I know that would be interested in females after they are old enough, for a sorority,
I know a pet shop that DOES take unusually good care of its fish,
they usually have them in gallon containers, and when they have room, will put one in the ten gallon.
so I mean, there are plently of friends that would take some,
and I defintiely have to get everything i need up..
I plan on feeding mainly microworms with some small baby daphina, and vinegar eels.
to start off with, so I need all of those cultures.
then I need a brine shrimp hatchery.
I need a good bit of stuff.
not to mention the time allowed to get the cultures ready to feed.
gallon containers for the boys,
a new larger tank for the girls, unless I use the tupperware container with a filter and some plants... that is actually sounding pretty efficient.
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Marion, South Carolina. (in the sticks)
well either way, regarding to color, even if I got VT,
Do you guys think I would end up with mostly royal blues? blackish blues? or steels?
plus the PK blood added in should strengthen the VTs rays right?
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