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Fins eaten by the filter

Well, I'd heard stories about males getting their fins ripped in filters, but one of the girls in my sorority was stuck to the intake of my Tetra 10i filter when I checked on them about half an hour ago. It took off some of her anal fin, of course, but my real concern is that both of her pectoral fins are almost entirely gone--they're just little bloody stumps. She is, of course, extremely stressed out and pretty much just floating at the top of the water, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to deal with this.

Right now, I've got her floating in a half-gallon box inside the sorority, but with the top edge of the box taped to the tank so that it doesn't go floating off. This is my attempt to keep the water level as low as possible while maintaining a constant 80-degree temperature. I didn't make up fresh water for her, because I didn't want to stress her out any more right now, but the aquarium water I used from the sorority had been treated with Stress Coat and aquarium salt, and I'd done a 60% change a few days ago. The box is, unfortunately, made of clear plastic, but I've got the lights off the sorority and plan on covering it with a towel once light starts coming into my room. She also has a little plastic plant in with her, lying on its side, so that she can sort of rest on it.

I feel really awful that this happened--she was completely fine a few hours ago. She is the newest addition to the sorority, but had opted for lying low instead of picking fights, and seemed to be adjusting well. I must've missed something if she was weak enough to get stuck to the intake, though. Eesh. If it turns out there's nothing to be done for her, I'd prefer to just put her out of her misery. I'm not suggesting jumping in and doing it now or anything, but I'm wondering if this is like a horse breaking a leg, where the recuperation is usually horrible for the animal and rarely successful.
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