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Betta first or the shrimp first?

I am going to be setting up the tank soon and now have this question. Do I add the shrimp before the Betta? I'd like to minimize the chance them being eaten, though I know it can happen.

Or if I get the Betta first, will the little guys be more likely to be eaten because they are entering his 'space'?

Honestly, I am not going to be too upset if he does end up eating them...the circle of life and all that...I just would like to not have to replace them very often :)

Edit - oh, it's a 5.5gal tank btw
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Nigel Nortonberry
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Hiyah buddy. Logically speaking, In your situation I personally would add the shrimp first and the betta last. Now let's explain... The sshrimps would have already have had a week (i hope :)), to adjust to their new environment and would know all the good hiding spots around your tank. They would be Mich more streseed if they had to dodge a curious fighter's attack whilst finding suitable places to hide in this unfamiliar environment. The shrimps would naturally try to avoid the fighter and the fighter would have almost no stress exploring its new tank. This is my suggestion but you can examine this yourself and make up a decision. So basically speaking:
-Betta first then shrimp: shrimp stressed against curious betta and in New environment. Chance of fatalities:high
-Shrimp first then betta: shrimp slightly agitated but has gpod knowledge of safety spots. Fighter too curious about exploring tank. Chance of fatalities: low
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Old 02-17-2014, 05:47 PM   #3 
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Shrimp will not survive in a newly set up tank. They need a well established tank with stable water parameters. Just don't wanna see anybody throw money away.
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I suggest betta first. That way you will have the chance to get to know his personality before you add tankmates. You may find that he isn't very social and may not be happy with others in his tank. Since the betta is your priority, serve its needs first
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