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Copper for Snail Removal?

A tank I was setting up contracted snails. And while some people are fine with pest snails I personally can't stand them. For whatever reason or other they just bug me even if I just see one in a blue moon, so I'm contemplating different ways of getting rid of them, but really the only two ways I've found are tearing the tank apart, which is not known for it's effectiveness, nuking the tank with potassium permanganate (removing fish of course), which would kill the cycle I've worked so hard to start up, or nuking with copper.

Now copper wouldn't be too bad (only one fish I could easily find a temporary home for), but I had planned on putting in shrimps (cherries, nothing too delicate). Searching around the internet I've found various ways of getting rid of copper (special foams for filters, Cuprisorb, huge water changes, "chelated" copper?), which seem to be sort of effective in marine tanks, but whenever I read one source about them working I find another source that says you should just forget about putting in shrimps/snails in a copper dosed tank. And yet another freshwater site said that copper wasn't nearly as bad for freshwater than marine (what??).

So long story short, have any of you guys ever had a tank dosed with copper and managed to "clean it up", so to speak, well enough for inverts? Any recommendations for how to go about putting in copper and then taking it out? Any other ways to get rid of snails?
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put a piece of lettuce in your tank overnight, you'll be able to pull it and a good portion of the snails out in the morning
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Well that helps clear them out but I would prefer to get rid of all of them and never see another in my life.
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Good luck with that. I've found it to be near impossible to obliterate them. Over feeding the is primary reason for exploding populations. Bait traps are the best route to go. You could introduce dwarf loaches and mini pea puffers into your tank as they specialize in eating snails-- however they might see your shrimp as tasty snacks too.
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