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Hello All!

Hello Everyone,

I've owned multiple betta fish throughout my lifetime, as well as other types of fish (in 40 gal when younger). I currently have a 3.5 gallon set up and am cycling my new 33 gallon tank (yay! Can't wait!). I had a Betta who recently just passed away, he lived happily in his 3.5 set up for over a year (pretty shocking since he was a 'wedding centerpiece' and lived in some pretty terrible conditions for god knows how long (between transport to pet store to a small vase). I'm keeping my 3.5 going with one oto cat in it until the 33 gallon is ready to go, hope to be able to stock it with neon tetras, betta and give my oto some more friends (he is especially lonely since the betta died, lost his oto buddy then the betta, hope he makes it till the new tank is ready!).

Wondering if anyone has used the Fluval internal filters? I have a small internal one in my 3.5 gallon and just purchased a large one for my 33 gallon, I like how they don't take up too much extra room outside the tank (space is limited) and find there is very little noise with them. I really like the option of adjustable flow speed as well as direction, being able to add filtered water to the bottom of the tank, mid level and top all at the same time. It seemed to have very good reviews online, just wondering if anyone has some personal experience (I did research many models but the only store I will trust with pet products in my area had some limited choices, it was a bit of an impulse buy).
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Welcome!! Someone should be along soon to help with you're question.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I can't help with the filter questions.
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beautiful Betta
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I actually had a fluval internal sponge filter for a gold fish tank, this is going back 18odd years and it was good I never had any real issues with it, the only issue I do remember was occasionally the suction cups holding it place would come loose and it would end up resting on the bottom, and need reattaching. but like I said that was over 18 years ago so I guess things would have improved since then, plus they have been around that long so they must be doing something right.
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Thanks everyone!

Even though the tank is just cycling I'm quite impressed with the filter so far. It's mechanical, chemical and biological and hardly takes up any room, you can change the settings, one adds so much oxygen one side of my tank is covered with tiny bubbles, and when you use the other two settings there is almost no noise from it at all. Turned out to be a great impulse buy so far!
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