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Old 03-08-2014, 04:32 PM   #41 
Betta Nut
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: New Mexico
I tried taking ONE decent in-focus pic of a fish to enter in one of the contests, but gave up. Pics of my dog turn out fine though, so Mimi says hi! She's 5 or 6, and according to the previous owner is a "french chihuahua" 1/2 french bulldog and 1/2 (in her case, long-coat) chihuahua. I have my doubts after looking those up, although she does have the tempermant of the frenchie.. She is so quiet, never barks unless someone is at the gate knocking. Doesn't act like any chihuahua I've ever met.
I've never liked "rat dogs" (sorry), always loved big dogs, til I met her. She's incredibly sweet, mellow, and well behaved. Her tongue is always sticking out too, which is adorable and was what first made me fall for her.
She has "soft ears" too, which makes her look even more like a mutt :)

let me sleep pweeease??? *sticks out tongue*

Name:  Picture 411.jpg
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Size:  53.9 KB

Fine, I will sleep anyway.

Name:  Picture 415.jpg
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Size:  62.0 KB
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Old 03-15-2014, 02:19 AM   #42 
Betta Nut
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Location: New Mexico
Weekly update... Not much to update, so that's a good thing!
Everything is still good with all the boys and girls. The only change is, I am not sure how many pygmy cories I have.. They used to school around in the middle of the tank most of the day, but for some reason now, they only come out of hiding when the tank light is off. I've only seen 2 at once, and they don't school any more like they used to. I haven't seen any bodies though, and ammonia level isn't up, so who knows.


Everyone got pictures tonight, so here they are, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First off, here is Wil's new tank. I decided to go with not as natural of decor as my other tanks, but I still like it. I don't have to worry about changing the light for something brighter. He's still got some frogbit and a wad of java moss to help the water.

Name:  Picture 590.jpg
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Size:  80.5 KB

And Remy in his lightly remodeled home:

Name:  Picture 421.jpg
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Size:  39.1 KB

Igavon in a pic that looks like he was painted:

Name:  Picture 436.jpg
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Size:  59.9 KB
He's started getting odd coloring now on his body, it was always a solid milky color til this past week.

(clockwise) Tink, Lulu, and Star:

Name:  Picture 493.jpg
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Size:  88.8 KB

Fae: (I love the 2 white stripes she has on her gills both sides)

Name:  Picture 577.jpg
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Size:  86.3 KB

Dezba (top) and Quilla (bottom) :

Name:  Picture 502.jpg
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Size:  93.6 KB

And last but not least, little Darla:

Name:  Picture 514.jpg
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Size:  59.4 KB

That's all, folks!
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Old 03-23-2014, 12:16 PM   #43 
Betta Nut
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Location: New Mexico
So, I have decided today that when I get my work vacation next month, my project will be switching the sorority tank to a NPT. I've been unhappy with the depth of the substrate anyway almost since I first got it set up, so if I have to pull everything to fix that, I may as well go all out.

Now that I have a few plants going with big root systems, I really need a deeper bottom. I also need to get a lamp that can handle a stronger bulb for it. The 10 watt I am using now is keeping everything alive, but some things like my amazon sword and DHG simply aren't growing. They're just "there".

I guess I'll need to buy some replacement sand for the cap, since that dang petco white sand didn't stay put when I set it up and moved all over from floating around on bubbles. Now my black sand is salt and pepper sand :/

I just hope the girls won't mind having to be in cups for most of the day. I imagine trying to net the cories is going to be a nightmare too! They're so tiny, fast, and good hiders. At least I'll finally find out if I still have 5. The little buggers never school anymore. There's one.. there's another back there... there's one over there on a leaf. Oh wait.. I think that was the first one. yeah.

I should just be glad I don't have shrimp!

I will start looking for a 10GLong tank as well. yep.
I've been really thinking hard about breeding. There is no end to this hobby I swear. The spawn log section here has fascinated me since I first joined. I've always been envious of people who do it. But I wrote off actually doing it because of the time commitment. It seemed impossible to have a full time job you go to every day and still be able to care for things right.
After a lot of thought though, I think it's possible. It's worth a try anyway, I think.
The indecision now is what to breed. I feel I need a goal with what I want to accomplish besides watching baby fish grow up. The whole geneology is sooooo hard for me to get a hold on. Most things I can pick up with ease, others are like there is a huge wall there between comprehension and duuuuuuh.

I was really strong on the idea to breed Fae to a dragon scale, and try to start a pale MGDS line. After someone in the breeding section kindly expalained what to look for and how the dominant/recessive stuffed worked, I feel even more lost! I wish all I wanted to do was cross a boy and a girl and see what I end up with. But nooo, I want to be picky on form and colors, and get a specific result.

I am kinda leaning now to getting a dumbo female, since I want one anyway, and crossing her with a DS. And not be worried about colors, just getting a dumbo of any color with the scales. At least I know dumbos are popular and shouldn't be hard to get rid of. Not sure I have seen any Dumbo DS either. Maybe there is a reason, because it's a bad gene mix.

Sigh. I'll work it out, and I know I'm going to be trying something eventually.

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Old 03-26-2014, 11:00 PM   #44 
Betta Nut
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Location: New Mexico
Just a quick little entry tonight, because I got my first baby betta!
I stopped in at petco just to look and see if they got any nice dumbo males in, or dragon scale, or whatever :P

They had tons there that came in the day before, but nothing jumped out at me. So, I look at the babies, since there were 20-ish there, and they were all "fresh", so worth a look.
Some poor little guy was about the size of my pinky nail. So cute, but I know he'd never make it past a week more than likely, being so small and already going through all he had.

They were ALL very healthy looking and unclamped, so it took me quite a long time to decide. I settled on a very handsome baby who had a greenish body already and blonde fins...
I am pretty sure it's a boy, he has long ventrals and no visible egg spot or ovaries, and I *thought* I saw some ray extensions in the store like he'd end up a CT,
but now I can't really see them in his little home.

He's in a teeny little critter keeper, the .75 gallon size, but I have an adjustable 25 watt heater in there that seems to be holding the temp a steady 80.
He happily ate a couple crushed up omega flakes and is very feisty, so, so far, so good!

Nothing has phased him at all.. The trip home, the acclimating, the new home, me fussing with a flashlight and tape measure, or Igavon behind him being all flarey.
Hope we have a long future :)

His teeny little hobbit house:
Name:  Picture 631.jpg
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Size:  37.5 KB

Blurry fella: (with me, they are all blurry, eh?)
Name:  Picture 644.jpg
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Size:  80.4 KB

And mostly as a record keeping for size, this is the closest I could get
to an accurate length. He's above it, but if I measure and slide down, he's about 3/4 inch nose to tail base (he's at the front of the glass)
So teeny <3
Name:  Picture 649.jpg
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Old 03-29-2014, 11:09 AM   #45 
Betta Nut
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Location: New Mexico
I love feeding the frozen bloodworms to everyone!

I originally got them for my frog (who is doing great now in her own tank), but I have taken to feeding them to all my boys and girls, since they all love them so much. Even baby got one this morning, and though I thought it would be too big, he/she sucked it right down.

The girls are absolutely vicious over them. Not to eachother, but to my finger! Darla is crazy. She'll latch on to a mouthful, and I can actually lift her out of the water, lol. I shouldn't of started doing this, but I like making them jump to get them. This has already backfired, because yesterday Lulu did a kamikaze the second I lifted the lid and landed on the floor :(
I scooped her up right away and plopped her back in, but she had a few pieces of mystery junk on her. No harm, no foul though. She panted on the bottom for about 30 seconds, then was back to complete normalcy, mystery junk and all. Poor thing.

I have been seeing a lot of sorority failures lately on the forum, and I feel really lucky I've had no problems. I think a big helper is having a half dark tank with my lighting setup, so maybe I won't be upgrading after all. That dark side is always very calm, the more passive ones favor it a lot. I can just keep the low light plants there. Heck. Maybe I won't even go NPT like I was planning. I don't want to mess with what's worked so far. Things aren't growing very much, but they are all healthy, and slow growing means less maintenance with pruning and weeding.

Name:  Picture 691.jpg
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Size:  49.5 KB

I'll never get over how bright Star is. From the second I saw her in her cup to now, every time I look at her, I wonder if one of her parents was a neon tetra! She doesn't even need light on her to be glowing.

I saw an egg spot on baby last night, darn it! I'm not sure if it's boy or girl though, since when I shone a light behind it, I didn't see a triangle for ovaries, just stomach. Time will tell. Even though I was trying to determine gender and get a boy in the store, I'll love it no matter what, and at least a girl can go in with the sorority when she's bigger, wheras I had been planning on getting yet another tank if it was a boy. It's only in the little critter keeper til I know it'll make it and am certain on gender. It's getting daily 50% changes and 100% every 3 days. It doesn't mind. The easiest going lil fishy ever.
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Old 04-13-2014, 03:31 PM   #46 
Betta Nut
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Been a while, haven't felt much like posting.

My baby betta didn't make it... from healthy and frisky the first week, to sudden dropsy overnight. She fought another week, but she didn't make it in the end :(
I don't think I'll try babies again. That was too much of a bad suprise.

Ended up with Ben though, on a dog food trip to petco tuesday :P

He's an EE!!

Name:  Picture 882.jpg
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Size:  63.5 KB Name:  Picture 869.jpg
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Size:  77.6 KB

I have to learn some restraint.

But he's probably going to be the daddy in a future spawn

Speaking of restraint...

Had a shopping trip to Wal-Mart today, and cruised by the pet dept to do my usual betta checkup. I like to rearrange their bettas so the display looks more attractive in hopes some may find a home. I am typically able to resist getting one, since they are all pretty bland and lethargic.

As I was arranging the females, I saw one who I was pretty sure was male, and a crowntail. And purple. His cup was thick with uneaten food, and he was just sorta flopped on the bottom against the side. He looked like he didn't have much time left. I just couldn't help myself though, because if he really is male, and lives, I think a purple CT would be pretty awesome :)

So I grabbed one of the 1 gallon glass cookie jars, and a random ugly plastic plant so it wouldn't be empty, and home he came. I had the 2 gallon one in my cart a while, but concluded there just is no more room in my place.

He's still mostly laying on the bottom, just going up for air. I am hoping he'll perk up being in clean warm water. He needs to eat bad. Who knows how long it's been, with all that old food in his cup. I wish there was something else I could do to help him besides watch and wait :(

Name:  Picture 862.jpg
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Size:  78.6 KB

Can't see it with the fins all limp, but he is a CT. It's still possible it's a she I suppose, but there is no egg spot, and the fins are twice as long as my other females. Short fins for male though. So either he's a young male, or a very old female. I just hope he lives.

Remy, Igavon, and Wil are all doing well, and the sorority girls are all happy and behaving :)

And I'm on vacation... YAY
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Old 04-13-2014, 04:06 PM   #47 
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Ben is gorgeous! Don't you just love EEs?! And I understand not having restrain as I just picked up another boy myself. No will power here!

Hmm while I am as far from an expert as you can get, I would say the purple CT is a boy. I could be wrong but that's my vote

I will keep my fingers crossed for the little guy!
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Old 04-13-2014, 04:12 PM   #48 
Betta Nut
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ha... yes, I just read your journal too and saw that :P

I'm going to have to get more blocks and boards for a larger "stand" so I can get proper homes for everyone. Problem is, then I will probably end up with all these empty small tanks begging for another rescue!

I love living alone, but it allows my addiction to run rampant, lol.
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Old 04-13-2014, 04:12 PM   #49 
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I'm sorry that you lost your baby betta :(

Ben is gorgeous and I really hope your purple CT pulls through for you! I'm voting on male as well, just from what I can see. Could be a longer finned female though. Maybe once he/she perks up you'll be able to tell.
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Old 04-14-2014, 11:14 AM   #50 
Betta Nut
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Purple (that shall be his name until he recovers, shows his personality, and I know for certain if he's a boy or girl) is showing some signs of improvement after a night of rest.

I had put a tsp of aquarium salt in with him yesterday afternoon, since he would often do some frantic flashing against the plants after coming up for air, before settling again on the bottom. He doesn't have velvet or ich, but something was obviously bothering him.

Today, he's actually moving around normally sometimes, and when he's not, he isn't flopped on the bottom like yesterday, but actually hovering, moving his pectorals. No more flashing I've seen either. He still won't eat though :(

His change in behavior though, really has me hopeful!
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