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Old 03-09-2014, 07:55 PM   #1 
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Littleton, Colorado, USA
Smile New Colorado Fish Keeper

I've been using this forum for over a month now and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a preschool teacher in Colorado who is now very addicted to bettas! Thanks to my classroom fish Nemo (the kids wanted to name the blue vt Spiderman but I asked for another idea and they said Nemo...So yeah, better than Spiderman the fish ;) I'm now very into betta fish.

Nemo's in a pretty small tank, 1.5g, without a heater or filter but according to another teacher he is about 3 years old. I found him in a very dirty tank with half the tank space taken up with a huge algae covered fake coral rock sculpture thing. I was never a fish person before and I hate to admit it, but I wasn't excited to have a fish for a classroom pet. Bettas are totally different than fish I have been around though. Nemo would wait for me at his meal times and then I did a 50% water change. He watched me while I cleaned, still very much so a noob with the whole fish thing, and it's odd but I totally fell in love with him. Now I do a 50% and 100% water change for him weekly. I used some of the classroom funds to get him a hiding cave to replace the nasty sculpture, glass stones to make his color pop, and a leaf hammock to rest. It's amazing how active he is now and how much the kids like to watch him. I plan on getting him a nicer setup when the classroom budget allows.

Looking things up about Nemo, and talking to a coworker who happens to be an experienced fish keeper and is also on this site (crazy coincidence!), made me want one at home. Before this, I've always had a cat and a dog around, so I went to Petsmart planning to get toys for them. I ended up back at home with said toys and also a tank, decorations, and a halfmoon named Santiago.

Santiago led to Monet, my beautifully mellow hyacinth blue delta boy. Santiago is crazy active and a tail biter from boredom, so while I was worried to get another fish when still trying to get Santiago handled, I couldn't resist Monet's face. You always read how these guys "speak" to you and it's so true. Both of them "spoke" to me and I was so happy to find them both alive after having to leave quickly for the week.

Sorry for the long rambling story. :) I'm planning to get another betta soon. Probably an elephant ear because they look adorable, but I know that when I go looking one will call to me regardless of fins and I will go home happy.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for being warm and friendly. A special thanks to all those who helped me with Santiago's tail biting on the emergency thread! :)

So glad to have this new hobby!
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Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Illinois, USA
Welcome to the forum! I'm glad that you've found it useful and the community friendly!
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Missouri with my 3 dogs and 2 bettas.
Welcome. If it's a glass tank, then you should try drawing on it with dry erase marker, my bettas love that.
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Location: Colorado
Welcome to the forum :) I'm also in Colorado and I also have a betta named Nemo haha So glad you're taking good care of your boys - it can become quite an addictive hobby! At one point I had 8 bettas! I'm down to 5 now :) Hope you were able to go out and about in the gorgeous weather we had today!
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Old 03-10-2014, 10:34 AM   #5 
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Location: Central Texas
Hello and welcome to the forum.
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