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Originally Posted by LittleBettaFish View Post
I have been there, done that and it ended badly That's why I ended up with wilds in the first place.

I just love the wide range of colours you got. Some of the marble spawns I've seen have been rather boring in that regard but you have some cool looking fish.

I'm not sure if I missed this, but are you retaining a pair to work with further?
Yeah a lot of the previous experiences Ive had of marbles were just black/white, nothing too interesting.
How do you find the wilds compared to domestic splendens? We dont have any in nz, but when I move to oz ill definitely start looking into them.

Yeah Im keeping this dude for the next gen...hes the sharpest one, even though hes still pretty round lol. and theres a promising looking female in the growout/soroity whos kind of ugly colourwise but her tail is pretty nice. Ill try and jar her and get a pic sometime

And I got given a few red males and females which have amazing sharp tails so I think a cross to one of them will definitely improve on the dragons finnage...but will be a sacrifice on colour for the firt gen...but worth it.
I most likely wont be able to personally do a next generation since Im probably moving to oz. But I was going to give the best ones to a couple of breeders so they can continue to fix and work on them. Most lines die out in nz because people dont breed them or create mutts out of them...Happened with clack orchid cts, used to have heaps and now theres almost none

Anyway heres one of the reds, split ventrals but will still be a huge improvement finnagewise

Originally Posted by Kiara1125 View Post
Those guys are gorgeous!! Do I have to move across the world in order to help you re-home some of your fish? *evil grin* xD

Originally Posted by BettaBabyBoo View Post
That is one gorgeous fish! It's like... Beading. It reminds me of glass beads. Shame I don't live in NZ :c
Field trip to newzealand!!
Just buy a pair of these and youll be good to go haha!

Yeah that little red and white one was one of my faves too, he was stupid and jumped out, somehow got through the lid... I was so guttered I was really looking forward to seeing how he would turn out
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That is a gorgeous male. Where in Oz are you moving to? The betta scene seems to be biggest in Victoria, NSW and QLD.
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Havent decided lol. Most likely options at the mo are Brisbane or Melbourne, maybe Mackay since I have a friend up there who says its real cheap to live and theres a few mines out there. But I definitely want to get into the mines eventually so maybe Western Australia... The main decider at the moment is cheapness
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