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Should I use this stuff?

I went to a LFS and asked the guy there what the best way to cycle was in his opinoin. When I told him that I was cycling a 3 gallon tank for a Betta he started laughing and said "heck those things could live in a bottle of ammonia and they'd be fine! No need to cycle!"

I know he was being dramatic to make a point but this wasn't a good sign. I asked if I could buy some substrate from one of the cycled tanks they have at the store. He got some water and a biwheel from an established tank, shook it all up in a bag and let me take home the bag of water for free. Have you guys ever heard of doing this before? The tank that the water is from looked clean, Im just worried that im gonna introduce some bad stuff to my tank.

I am still going to do a fishless cycle. I am just hoping that this water he gave me will speed things up. What do yall think?
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Didn't work for me when I tried it. =/ Then again the woman wouldn't let me take some of the gravel and she wouldn't go get the filter media and shake it in the bag. It took MAJOR convincing just to get her to fill up a bag with water from the female betta tank. =/ But then my petsmart just sucks more than your average one. =/

Also it might introduce disease in your tank. That's what I heard anyway.
Do you live near an ACE hardware store? If so then try buying some of their pure ammonia. =]

Or if you want to make it a lot easier on yourself I recommend SafeStart by Tetra Co. The cheapest place to get it is here:
There have been a ton of positive reviews for the site so I think it's safe but I'd still use a paypal if you're able. =]

That's where I'm getting it when my bank stuff is straightened out. =]
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Pet store employees--god, where do they FIND these people? Even if something could live in ammonia, who would be sadistic enough to let it?

Anyway, I would go ahead and use what he gave you--quickly. The longer you wait, the more bacteria are dying off as we type from lack of oxygen and food. The cycle will still probably end up taking about a week and a half (at best), so any real nasties will die in that time without having a host. As long as you keep the water clean and introduce fish with healthy immune systems, I wouldn't worry.
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Thanks! I just added it. As much as it sucks to have to wait to get my fish I am enjoying learning how to cycle a tank. I feel like a mad scientist with my test kit and stuff. hehe!
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you probably didn't receive any of the beneficial bacteria unless you actually got some substrate or filter media. the bacteria doesn't live in the water and clings to solid objects. also, without ammonia your bacteria colony will perish in a short time.
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